Auxiliary Services Annual Report 2023 FINAL Annual Report 2023

About Auxiliary Services Auxiliary Services advances Lehigh’s goals and objectives through our business units and business partners. We deliver forward thinking, customer-centered auxiliary services and campus solutions in a fiscally responsible manner. Auxiliary Services provides a portfolio of departments, programs, and strategic initiatives that drive and advance the University's goals and meet the daily needs of students, faculty, and staff. Departments Business Partnerships Conference Services Housing Purchasing and University Logistics Sustainability Transportation and Parking Services AUXILIARY SERVICES ANNUAL REPORT 2023 Child Care Center (Bright Horizons) Dining (Sodexo) The Lehigh Store (Barnes & Noble College) Mail Center (SPS) Mountain Hawk Design & Print (Ricoh) Strategic Initiatives Sustainability LehighLean Connections Campus Experience

AUXILIARY SERVICES ANNUAL REPORT 2023 Our Strategy Our 2024 Goals Mission: The Office of Auxiliary Services is committed to advancing Lehigh's strategic objectives and facilitating daily operations through a diverse portfolio of business units. Our dedicated and forward-thinking staff play a crucial role in supporting the university's overarching mission. Vision: To improve the lives of students so they become lifelong friends of Lehigh and contribute to Lehigh’s mission. Sustainability: Champion Sustainability Plan 2030 and implement initiatives that foster sustainability across Lehigh's operations, academics, administration, and community that will contribute to the long-term well-being and resilience of Lehigh University and the broader community. 1 Connections: Implement Lehigh's Connections Plan while improving Transportation and Parking Services (TPS) operations. The plan seeks to reduce reliance on cars for on-campus travel, increase ridership on an expanded university transit system, and promote health and wellness through walking and cycling. The ultimate aim is to create a collaborative, less congested, safer, and highly sustainable environment for everyone on campus. 2 Unified Auxiliary Team: The recently unified Auxiliary Services team will contribute significantly to the organization's overall success by optimizing resources, fostering employee engagement, embracing technology, and providing exceptional customer service and hospitality. 3 User Experience: A positive “customer” or “user” experience, and adding value to that experience, is key to retention and cultivating a lifelong affinity for Lehigh University. We will establish Auxiliary Services as a customer experience leader through clear, concise communications, and demonstrate an unwavering commitment to meaningful, customer-centric initiatives that enhance the overall student experience. 4 Learn more

A Message from the Associate Vice President AUXILIARY SERVICES ANNUAL REPORT 2023 2023 brought exciting opportunities for positive change and strategic growth among our departments. This past fall, University Business Services announced the additions of dining, housing, and conference services. As such, a rebrand and renaming resulted in the creation of the office of Auxiliary Services - a diverse portfolio of business units committed to advancing Lehigh's strategic objectives and facilitating daily operations. Our dedicated staff play a crucial role in supporting the university's overarching mission. Through the integration of our business units, we have the opportunity to make a positive impact in the daily lives of our students and create lifelong friends of Lehigh. Our unified Auxiliary Services team will contribute significantly to Lehigh’s overall success by optimizing resources, fostering employee engagement, embracing technology, and providing exceptional customer service and hospitality. “Auxiliary Services looks forward to serving our campuses and building an even better Lehigh in 2024, together.” Mark R. Ironside '25P Associate Vice President We will continue to actively listen to our campus community. We amplified our active listening in the fall of 2023 with the launch of our Auxiliary Experience Program. Utilizing work study students to interact with our services as customers and help analyze them, we were able to identify 135 potential improvements to explore and implement. This collective effort of a unified Auxiliary Services is not only about combining our strengths but also about creating a vibrant culture that nurtures improvement ideas and service excellence. Listening to feedback is the cornerstone of our efforts and process improvements are the building blocks to better services. We look forward to building an even better Lehigh in 2024, together.

AUXILIARY SERVICES ANNUAL REPORT 2023 Meet Our Leadership Team Mark Ironside, MBA Jane Altemose Sharon Field Associate Vice President, Auxiliary Services Vice President, LU Properties, LLC Director, Transportation & Parking Services Director, Purchasing Services & University Logistics Assistant Director, Auxiliary Services David Joseph, M.Ed. Executive Director, Auxiliary Services for Housing, Dining, & Conference Services Monika Skuriat Fritz, MBA Audrey McSain Renee Lutz Director, Business Partnerships & Marketing Manager The Lehigh Store Barnes & Noble College Director, Sustainability Peggyann Young Manager The Mail Center SPS Business Partners Doug Snyder Manager MH Design & Print Ricoh Amy DiNardo Regional Manager, Child Care Center Bright Horizons Julie Harrington, Director Kristin Piazza Resident District Manager Sodexo


Looking Ahead Business Partnerships & Marketing AUXILIARY SERVICES ANNUAL REPORT 2023 Mission: Develop and manage a thriving portfolio of business partnerships (both internal and external) that will add value and enrichment to the student, faculty/staff, alumni, and Lehigh family experience. Create a user-centric culture in Auxiliary Services and lead departments in their communications efforts to improve clarity and transparency. Launched the (long awaited) L Train “Classic Collection” - collaborating with multiple departments to get buy-in and approvals. First Day Complete - Learning Unlimited Program: Created website, content, internal communications, hosted finals prep stations, presented on program for BNC. Planned and Executed welcome back open house “Brown and White Day” with The Lehigh Store which included a student discount. Also worked with The Lehigh Store on improving student pricing accessibility with the addition of valuepriced apparel. We hope to expand and improve upon the Auxiliary Experience Program - creating an actionable pipeline for implementing improvements by partnering with LehighLean. Program expansion will also include the involvement of faculty and staff to gain their feedback on services. Created and launched Lehigh’s Auxiliary Experience Program 35 work study students hired (out of 89 applicants) as Auxiliary Experience Analysts (AxA’s). Created and assigned 47 missions that helped evaluate 9 different areas of Auxiliary Services. Created user-friendly reports outlining mission data and reviewed results with departments to identify improvement ideas. Analyzed feedback in mission reports and synthesized into 135 actionable improvements to explore for our departments. Evaluated the program as well and created a list of improvements and ways to build the program.

Looking Ahead Conference Services AUXILIARY SERVICES ANNUAL REPORT 2023 Mission: The Conference Services department is comprised of trained and knowledgeable staff dedicated to the support of educational programs, celebratory events, conferences, and camps hosted at our university. We are committed to providing quality customer service to all our guests with a goal of complete customer satisfaction. Successfully hosted 35 camps/conferences during summer ‘23, resulting in gross revenue of $552,080. Created new program for graduate student temporary housing. Achieved significant labor cost savings by consolidating desk operations to Rathbone Hall and reducing desk hours. Continued more extensive use of Iris software for all summer camp/conferences. We will strengthen our marketing opportunities with internal and external individuals, nonprofit organizations, and businesses and corporations. This will include pursuing business development at the Iacocca Conference Center as well as summer camp and conference events. During FY ‘22-’23, hosted 116 internal and 74 external conferences and events at the Iacocca Conference Center. Continued reviewing/updating Protection of Minors policies/procedures; ensuring implementation for all minors programs.

Looking Ahead Housing AUXILIARY SERVICES ANNUAL REPORT 2023 Mission: Housing Services is committed to providing Lehigh students with a diverse and welcoming living environment that fosters academic success, personal growth, and community development. We are committed to: Providing safe, secure, well maintained and attractive facilities for our students and guests. Promoting individuality and personal responsibility. Providing responsive service to all customers and continuously assessing their level of satisfaction. Providing ethical and efficient management of resources. Completed two major capital improvements: Taylor House HVAC upgrade phase 2 ($2.5 million) and the renovation of Brodhead House ($2.8 million). Completed the first year of fraternity and sorority GA Housing program that is designed to strengthen the fraternity and sorority chapters. Instituted new theme communities in the residential housing stock that addresses student needs; Spiritual House, Music Appreciation and the Sylvia Rivera Community. We will wrap up undergrad and graduate housing studies that will assist and support the Lehigh Campus Master Planning process and set the course for the future of the residential system at Lehigh. We are poised to implement new programs and services that support the advancement of Lehigh’s strategic plan. Completed the 3D tours for each residence hall including each type available in each building. Increased Housing Service’s presence on social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram. Evaluated and then reinvented upper class housing selection to enable all classes the ability of living together.

Looking Ahead Purchasing & University Logistics AUXILIARY SERVICES ANNUAL REPORT 2023 Mission: Our mission is to cultivate a culture of strategic excellence in every facet of procurement and logistics, epitomizing responsible stewardship of university resources. We are dedicated to providing customer-centric services, fostering innovative supplier relationships, and optimizing business processes, all while upholding university compliance standards. 135 contracts reviewed and 37 RFPs conducted, resulting in $487,396 in bid generated savings. 49,936 packages received and delivered by Central Receiving. E-waste recycled FY23: 13,453.50 lbs. Shredded paper FY23: 45,250 lbs. Collaborated with 7 campus departments during the Warehouse Intake and Operations Process Improvement Lean project. The goal of this project was to understand how materials are currently received/put into warehouse, tracked, sold, scrapped, etc. Logistics diverted 6 laptops from e-Waste to donate to the nursing team at the Bethlehem Health Bureau. The laptops will be used by those in need in the community. In 2024, we plan to create a comprehensive Training & Education Program that is customized for each of the programs we manage (OneCard, Unimarket, Supplier Diversity, Travel, etc.) – for current employees as well as integrated into the new hire onboarding process. Supplier Diversity Program launched in collaboration with supply chain faculty members, the Small Business Development Center, the Diversity Equity and Inclusion leadership, and Communications & Public Affairs. The program will help Lehigh build upon our strong commitment to work closely with local small and diverse business to help them grow and prosper, which will help contribute to the economic strength and stability of our communities. 15 Lean process improvements implemented (Brenda Bachman implemented 6 and won the award for most improvements implemented in Auxiliary Services).

Looking Ahead Office of Sustainability AUXILIARY SERVICES ANNUAL REPORT 2023 Mission: To advance solutions to support long term sustainable change in Lehigh’s operations, academics, administration and community. We will meet the evolving challenges of a changing world, mitigate the effects of climate change and develop and empower future leaders. Submitted ninth report to the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education’s (AASHE) Sustainability Tracking Assessment & Rating System (STARS) and received a gold rating for the third year in a row, with a score of 73.88. This is an increase of 1.55%, or 1.13 points, from the previous year and marking incremental progress towards our goal of earning a platinum rating by 2030. Hosted 55 campus events and collaborated with 15+ campus partners to engage the Lehigh University and Southside Bethlehem communities. Certified or recertified 13 offices/suites of offices/departments in the Sustainable Office Program, which translates to 145 employees certified. This increased the total percent of faculty and staff certified from 20.38% (2022) to 28.48%. We will continue working with campus partners to make progress towards and/or achieve goals outlined in Lehigh's Sustainability Strategic Plan 2030. One such goal includes developing and piloting an early career mentorship program with current Lehigh students interested in sustainability and alums in the sustainability field. Served 1,693 students across 7 residence halls and 4 Greek houses via the Eco-Rep Leadership Program in Spring 2023. The program was expanded to serve 2,848 students across 12 halls and 9 Greek houses in Fall 2023. Empowered and inspired 6 faculty to incorporate sustainability into their existing courses and/or create a new sustainabilityfocused course through the annual “Integrating Sustainability into the Curriculum Workshop”. This was 31% of all workshop attendees.

Looking Ahead Transportation & Parking AUXILIARY SERVICES ANNUAL REPORT 2023 Mission: Reduce the reliance on cars for on-campus travel, promote ridership and expansion of the Lehigh University transit system, and encourage health and wellness through walking and cycling, resulting in a more collaborative, less congested, and more sustainable environment for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and visitors. As recommended by the assessment team, Transportation Services purchased two Gillig buses from one manufacturer with one style transit bus. We purchased 2 ADA compliant vans and placed them into service in September 2023. This allowed us to provide a higher level of service to our AccessLU passengers. Transportation Services implemented the Passio software which offers the following features: bus & vehicle tracking, passenger counting, on-demand pick up and drop off request. The software also includes the ability to make real time announcements. In 2023, Transportation and Parking Services partnered with FHI Studio to analyze our services, resources, and assist us in better meeting the needs of our Lehigh community. In 2024, we will implement the assessment recommendations including changes to the transit system. Transportation Services implemented an internal rental program to support drivers who otherwise would not qualify to drive Enterprise car rentals due to age requirements. To streamline the process, we developed a Docusign form for renters to submit their request. Transportation & Parking Services launched the Bike Share program in October 2023 including 30 standard bikes from a local bicycle shop: Cutters. Users can participate by downloading the Movatic app on their mobile device to register and rent bikes on an hourly basis, or purchase memberships.

Looking Ahead Transportation & Parking AUXILIARY SERVICES ANNUAL REPORT 2023 Mission: Reduce the reliance on cars for on-campus travel, promote ridership and expansion of the Lehigh University transit system, and encourage health and wellness through walking and cycling, resulting in a more collaborative, less congested, and more sustainable environment for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and visitors. Removed all individual space parking meters on campus and converted them to pay-by-plate parking spaces. Expanded the Asa Residential parking zone to offer more student residential parking. Offered Mountaintop commuter permit option to accommodate off-campus student residents with classes on the Mountaintop campus. Offered student commuter permit option in the House 90, House 93, House 97, House 99, and the Cultural Greek Council lots to supplement the Goodman campus commuter option. In addition to implementing the improvements identified through the Transportation and Parking assessment, we plan to assess parking at the St. John’s parking lot to determine optimal use, and convert the remaining faculty/staff 4 hour short term spaces to include students. Worked with Housing Services and Facilities to identify parking areas in need of repair. In 2023, we paved and relined the M&M and Taylor parking lot. Relined and configured the St. Peter’s parking lot to be included in the Farrington Zone with additional pay-by-plate parking. BikeShare (Transportation) - this was a joint venture between Transportation & Parking. Details are listed under Transportation’s accomplishments.

Looking Ahead Dining AUXILIARY SERVICES ANNUAL REPORT 2023 Mission: Dining Services is dedicated to supporting, enhancing, and complementing the campus experience by providing a balanced food service program, creating a welcoming and inclusive dining experience, and offering quality services, products, and a variety of dining opportunities while advancing the University’s mission and goals. Purchased and deployed a third food truck - The Talon - offering an eclectic, seasonal menu that includes signature breakfast sandwiches, smash burgers, taco tots and other student-centric favorites. Transitional dining plans were developed and implemented with closing of the Clayton UC including the creation of a mini-food court in the Hawk’s Nest. Successfully opened HST Hideaway Café. Upscale vending installed at Iacocca Hall including InReach and Yo-Kai hot noodle bowl machine. We are focusing on the reopening of the Clayton University Center and are excited for the new dining platforms that will transform the future dining experience at Lehigh. We will focus on menu development, solidifying new partnerships, and hiring additional staff. We will be innovative, create engaging dining experiences, more seamlessly meet student dietary needs, and turn food experiences into ongoing traditions. Conducted a Dining program assessment and review by Envisions Strategies. Moved catering operation into 125 Goodman and created a state of the art catering facility. Created a student athlete dining program in Stabler Arena. Created a Halal certified station in Rathbone Dining Hall. “All About LU” event hosted by Sodexo/Dining Services in Spring 2023.

Looking Ahead Child Care Center AUXILIARY SERVICES ANNUAL REPORT 2023 Mission: The Bright Horizons® mission is to provide innovative solutions that help children, families, employees, and employers work together to be their very best. We are committed to providing the highest quality child care, education, and work/life solutions in the world. Promoted Julie Harrington, a Teacher and Lead Educator into the role of Center Director. Promoted our Twos Teacher, Brooke Lieberman, to Lead Educator for our center. Partnered with the Lehigh University Police Department for several events including a Bike Rodeo and Obstacle Course with our Preschool, KPrep & Summer Camp. We’ve moved into the Application Stage for the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and hope to be into our Accreditation window by June 2024 with a goal of becoming Accredited by the end of 2024. This will then open up opportunities for us to look into Keystone STARs as well. In addition to pursuing the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Accreditation, we are planning for a playground renovation. We will continue to partner with organizations on campus for trainings and to be a part of various events. By the end of 2023, each classroom in the center was opened, from Infants through KPrep, which is the first time since 2020 we’ve had every room up and running. We have hired several new staff members that have completed their 100 Days of HEART programs and have moved on to enrolling in the eCDA program as well as continuing to train and learn about our program. Partnered with Zoellner Arts Center to provide arts and crafts during their Family Event in October and again in November and December.

Looking Ahead The Lehigh Store AUXILIARY SERVICES ANNUAL REPORT 2023 Mission: The Lehigh Store serves the educational resource needs of the campus community while supporting Lehigh’s biggest fans through a thoughtfully curated collection of Lehigh branded general merchandise, products, and services. In fall of 2023, we kicked off a three year pilot for Learning Unlimited. The Learning Unlimited course materials program will provide access to all required course materials for full-time undergraduate students before the first day of class for one low flat fee per semester. At least 5,000 students took advantage of this program. Through this program we drastically increased the number of courses that were delivered digitally from 10 to over a 100. Facilitated a new Classic Collection of merchandise - supporting Lehigh Licensing and protecting Lehigh’s historic LTrain marks. There are currently 7 items in the collection, many of which sold out almost instantly. We are focusing on alternate engagement possibilities with Athletics to hopefully increase student engagement. We will also embark on an initiative to host pop ups at Mountaintop on a regular basis as well as start planning how we might engage when the Clayton University Center reopens. Donated $150,000 dollars in scholarships to Lehigh students, and 100 pounds of food to a local food pantry. Attended 44 athletic events this year for football, wrestling, men’s basketball and women’s basketball. This included the Sheridan Invitational for Wrestling and our first foray into Lacrosse. Hosted a book signing for Liz Chaney at The Zoellner Arts Center. Continued to support both Light Up Night and Senior Salute - the latter set to take place in a new location in 2024 - Grace Hall.

Looking Ahead The Mail Center AUXILIARY SERVICES ANNUAL REPORT 2023 Mission: The Mail Center supports the missions of Lehigh University by providing the LU community with timely and accurate handling, distribution, and processing of all incoming and outgoing mail and packages as it relates to student needs. We seek to provide excellent customer service and to utilize staff and resources with ever-improving efficiency. The package volume for 2023 increased but the staff was able to keep up with same-day, on-time delivery. Received/Sorted over 106,000 packages/letter mails. Outgoing mail service of over 15,000 packages. Delivered to students over 107,000 packages. Received and delivered a total of over 5,500 textbook bundles. Created a designated area in the mail center for large packages, carpets, and TV’s. Instituted a loaner cart program for move-in and coordinated a transportation service for the students to transport their larger packages to their dorm. Coordinated with Lehigh to take on 20 Work Study students to assist with delivering the student’s packages. Just Born candy was added to the retail area just after the end of 2023 and a candy-gram program was tested for Valentine’s Day 2024. We plan to launch an online store for a candy care package program for Parent to purchase. The Candy-grams would get delivered to the students’ mailboxes. We also plan to create a certificate of achievement program for the Work Study students to celebrate their completion of training and excellence in their duties and responsibilities.

Looking Ahead Mountain Hawk Design & Print AUXILIARY SERVICES ANNUAL REPORT 2023 Mission: Mountain Hawk Design and Print supports the educational objectives of Lehigh University and enhances the institutional image through quality design, printing, and mailing. We strive to produce the highest quality for all projects and to provide Lehigh University and local non-profits with the most reasonable prices available. Created a retail product line featuring Lehigh images. The products included holiday ornaments, canvas wraps, and desktop acrylic artwork. Produced a record amount of wide format work, including over 40,000 linear feet of printed material. Supported the launch of the University Strategic Plan by producing fence wraps, booklets, stickers and event signage. Completed over 3,500 jobs for nearly 500 different campus customers. We plan to revise My Print Desk, our online ordering system, so that it is more user friendly. By including more “finished” products to choose from, we can reduce customer questions and speed up production time.