LU Dining Guide 23-24


WELCOME W ebelievethatfo d bringspeopletogether.O urteam workshard everydayand is com m ited to providing the Lehigh com m unity with an extraordinary dining experiencethatisconsistently fresh,deliciousand nutritiousin ourdining locations. Studentswil ënd awidevarietyofcuisinesand healthyoptions. O ur dining program prides itself on being forward thinking, innovative and dynam ic.O urprofesionalchefsdevelop m enusthatinclude vegan and vegetarian optionsand catertothosewith specialdietaryne ds.W earealwayshappytodiscus ourm enustoac om m odateyourspeciëcne ds. O urful-tim e,on-cam pusRegistered D ietitian isa greatresource to help students achieve personaldietary goals or guidance w ith specialdiets.Lehigh D ining also of fersnutritionalsupport,education and program sthroughouttheentireyearthat areconëdentialand fre .Sim plycontactourteam tosetup an appointm ent. Additionaly,wehaveaprofesionalcatering team thatcan expertly plan any event. W ealsofeatureourown on-cam pusbakerythatof fersm ade-from -scratch brownies, cakes,co kies,pies,tartsand otherdelicious,freshly m adebakery treats. W elo k forward to m e ting and serving you thisyear. W elcom eto Lehigh D ining.

WHAT’SNEW ATLU ‘23-’24ACADEMICYEAR MOBILEORDER PICKUPLOCKERS NEW &IMPROVED FO DTRUCKS DINING&RETAIL RENOVATIONS Exclusively at The Grind: Enhance your m obile ordering experience with our brand new,contact-fre pickup lockers. Sim ply place yourpickup orderon the Grubhub app,use the generated Q R code to unlock the locker,and get yourgrub! ThisFal,check outM arketX:Refreshed with a new lo k and new self-checkout kiosks.D ining D olars and GoldPLUS now ac epted!And ifyou’re down atRathbone,feastyoureyeson Stacks:O urnewly renovated m ade-to-ordersalad/delistation. O uram azing fo d truckshave each be n reim agined with new, vibrantdesigns!Be on the lo koutforFud Truk and Talon,as wel as ourlatest addition:The Purple Pita,boasting m odern M iddle Eastern cuisine with hand-harvested H alal m eats. findoutmore onlastpage

Also, be sure to check out our variety of other complimentary nutrition services & events throughout the year so that we can help you grow into the best you!

Nourish your potential presented by Icons "We offer 6 dietary icons to help you easily meet your dining needs!" OUr dietary Icons: Recipe aligns with a healthy lifestyle and meets specific wellness criteria. Recipe contains products sourced from local businesses. Dishes that do not contain meat or fish but may, or may not, contain dairy, eggs, and/or honey. Meals use 100% plant-based ingredients such as fruit, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and nuts. They can also include honey and sugar. Dishes that do not contain any ingredients that came from animals. Recipe does not contain gluten ingredients, but foods may have been cross-contaminated during processing. (can not be verified to contain <20 ppm of gluten). Ultimate Dining Hacks: Top Notch Toppings V-Edgy Cereal & nuts make for great yogurt or froyo toppings. Instead of bacon or cheese on your salad, try some beans (black beans, chickpeas), nutritional yeast (tastes like cheese), nuts, fruit or even whole grains, such as quinoa. Consider boosting the flavor & nutrition of your meal with better-for-you condiments, such as yellow mustard, hot sauce, spices, nutritional yeast & hummus. Try whole wheat pasta from the Pizza/Pasta station (or look for brown rice), and top with house-made chili or soup. Visit the Salad Bar and take your selections to the Pizza/Pasta station to have them sautéed with pasta or other whole grain. Top your salad with a couple of chicken fingers or take some to the Deli to incorporate into a wrap with spinach, tomatoes & other nutritious goodies. Take from Simple Servings first so you don't have to carry multiple plates. Feel free to request the untouched "back-up" stock of menu items if you are concerned about cross-contamination. Communicate your needs to the dining staff and read menu labels. Remind them to place a fresh foil or wax sheet onto grill tops & cutting boards, and use newly cleaned equipment, such as knives, spatulas or tongs. Special Dietary Needs Better Body Composition Basic Nutrition Skills Healthy Cooking Stress Management Brain & Energy Boost Active Needs Allergies: Plant-Based Mindful Naturally Sweet Treats Try whole wheat toast, peanut butter & apple (or banana) slices for a healthy & delicious snack. You can also spread peanut butter on a banana, top with granola, raisins & a dollop of frozen yogurt for a healthier Banana Split! Prepare To Plan Visit our website to see what's on the menu!

Sincedebuting in Spring 2023, Talon has of fered an eclectic m enu thatincludes signature breakfast sandw iches,tacos, greek gyro bowls, and other student-centric favorites. FO DTRUCKFLET Ouroriginal restauranton w heels.Featuring a rotating seasonal m enu with m ainstays that satisfy,Fud Truk of fers breakfast sandwiches,hand- cutfries,and other com fortfoods. Introducing the latestaddition to ourfood truck f leet: ThePurplePita! Boasting M iddle Eastern cuisine w ith hand-harvested Halalm eats,The PurplePitaputsa m odern twiston classic f lavors. AVAILABLEFOREVENTS,FESTIVALS,&MORE LEHIGHDINING.COM