Forlenza Chair Prospectus

Facilities The Health, Science and Technology building, home to the College of Health, is the largest academic research facility ever built by Lehigh, and the second largest building on campus. Opened to the public in April 2022, the 195,000-square-foot facility houses: faculty, administrative and programmatic staff; the health data warehouse; a biospecimen repository; a data visualization lab; wet and dry labs; community meeting space; and engineering and science faculty from three of Lehigh’s colleges who work on health and energy. The building’s open, collaborative design fosters an atmosphere of constant innovation and change - interdisciplinary teams rotate in and out of the space while undergraduates engage in high-impact, hands-on learning experiences alongside graduate students and faculty researchers. This community-facing space redefines innovation by providing a home for Lehigh to forge important new partnerships with local organizations, schools and churches.