Forlenza Chair Prospectus

Experiential Learning & Internships Health Technology/Entrepreneurship: e.g., interning with Ben Franklin Technology Partners, an incubator on Lehigh’s campus for tech-based start-ups. Community Health: e.g., interning with Pennsylvania Department of Health’s Office of Health Equity, which addresses health disparities and public health issues. Global Health: e.g., serving as a youth representative at the UN–entails representing and advocating for global health NGOs at UN sessions Data Analytics: e.g., analyzing real data sets from IQVIA, a multinational leader serving industries in health information, technology, and clinical research. Social Enterprise: e.g., interning with The Global Good Fund, an organization founded by Carrie Rich ’07 providing leadership development for social entrepreneurs including those in the healthcare sector. The Zug Fellowship allows students to get paid for their unpaid internships at nonprofits that are focused on health in the Lehigh Valley. The Douglas Fellowship provides underrepresented students with tuition for COH 4 + 1 programs and two paid research experiences. Lehigh University values the crucial role that experiential learning plays in students’ development as professionals and global citizens. Providing access for all students to powerful experiential learning is a cornerstone of the College’s mission, as it enables students to carry out the core purpose of the College: fostering positive health outcomes in local and global communities. These educational experiences include: Thanks to fellowships funded by generous donors, all College of Health students have the opportunity to participate in experiential learning outside of the classroom. 14