Forlenza Chair Prospectus

The recently completed strategic plan, “Community + Technology → Health Equity,” highlights the college's strength in interdisciplinary methods, its commitment to solving real-world problems, and its unique ability to accommodate cross-departmental collaboration. STRATEGIC PLANNING Research Community Based Participatory Research–working WITH communities to identify core health issues and to develop solutions; Health Technology–broadly understood to include the development and/or application of data science, ML, AI, digital health, diagnostics, and devices. Develop a distinctive and impactful area of research strength that builds on the mission of COH and addresses the needs of specific populations. Based on an understanding that rather than the development of health technology, or the design of health interventions, it is the uptake (individual, community, and governmental) of these innovations that is the thorny challenge, the COH is building an area of research excellence that will combine and grow faculty expertise in: 1. 2. These faculty will work together to promote health equity, specifically, to improve health outcomes for two primary populations–marginalized populations in the Lehigh Valley, and Indigenous People nationally and globally. Educate Create innovative and impactful undergraduate and graduate education programs. In keeping with the research focus, the strategic plan identifies key educational goals as shifting 25% of credits in all of our majors to experiential learning, collaborating with both the College of Arts and Sciences, and the College of Engineering to create cross-college programs that respond to today’s needs in the health sector, and to develop a cutting-edge suite of doctoral programs in Digital Health. Partner Develop and integrate collaborative relationships with partners within and beyond Lehigh. 12