9 2022 ANNUAL SECURITY & ANNUAL FIRE SAFETY REPORT Online: • HawkWatch Personal Safety App: • Report a tip using your cell phone, through the HawkWatch app. The HawkWatch personal safety app is offered for free to all members of the campus community. There is no obligation to download this app, but it is strongly encouraged. The HawkWatch app is custom-designed for Lehigh University and includes a number of options that can help in an emergency situation. It also puts the user in direct contact with Campus Safety dispatchers. It is the equivalent of a mobile blue light phone in the palm of the user’s hand. In addition, the app provides quick and easy access to useful information such as directions in emergency situations, and emergency contacts and support resources. It can also serve as a Lehigh bus tracker, provide links for reporting a tip, and offer users a quick and easy way to request safety programs. The HawkWatch app can be downloaded for free at Crimes Involving Students at Off-Campus Locations The US. Department of Education requires the University to address whether it is aware of any practice by local police to monitor and document criminal activity by Lehigh students occurring at “noncampus locations of student organizations.” As such, the Lehigh University Police Department relies on its close working relationship with the Bethlehem Police Department to receive information about off-campus incidents involving Lehigh University students and recognized student organizations. In coordination with local law enforcement agencies, the Lehigh University Police Department will assist with the investigation of certain crimes occurring near campus. External law enforcement agencies will formally notify the Lehigh University Police Department, which will subsequently notify the Lehigh University Office of Student Conduct of criminal activity involving student perpetrators. The Lehigh University Police Department will also notify the Dean of Students office regarding any Lehigh students identified as crime victims to ensure proper resources and support are provided. Lehigh University requires all recognized student organizations to abide by federal, state, local laws, and University regulations. Lehigh University may become involved in the off-campus conduct of a student or student organization when such conduct is determined to affect a substantial University interest, as defined in the Student Code of Conduct located at Campus Security Authority (CSA) A Campus Security Authority (CSA) is an individual who is a Lehigh University official of the institution, and who has significant responsibility for student and campus activities, including, but not limited to: • Lehigh University Police Department Staff • Residence Life Staff / Gryphons • Dean of Students Staff • Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs • Housing Services Staff • Physicians in the Health & Wellness Center • Directors of Athletics and Team Coaches • Office of Student Conduct Staff • Academic Advisors • Title IX/EOCC • Faculty and Staff Advisors to student groups Under the Clery Act, a Clery-reportable crime is reported when a victim, witness, other third party, or even the offender brings it to the attention of a CSA or of local law enforcement personnel. It does not matter whether the individual/s involved in the crime, or in the reporting of the crime, are associated with the University. If a CSA receives crime information, and believes it to have been provided in good faith, he or she must document it as a crime report and provide that report to the Lehigh University Police Department. Reporting a crime in “good faith” means that the reporter has a reasonable basis to believe that the information received is not simply rumor or hearsay. CSAs are not responsible for investigating crimes; their role is to appropriately report all incidents that occur on Clery Geography immediately, no matter how minor they may seem. Any subsequent investigations and crime classifications are the responsibility of sworn law enforcement personnel. A training session is conducted annually for the University’s CSAs. Additionally, all newly hired security guards receive in-person CSA training as part of their orientation. All security guards and event staff also receive annual CSA training. All CSAs are provided with resources to report crimes to the Lehigh University Police Department.