8 LEHIGH UNIVERSITY Safety, Our Number One Priority The University takes great pride in the community, and offers many resources for students, faculty, and staff. This community is a wonderful place within which to live, learn, work, and study; however, this does not mean that the campus community is immune from problems that arise in other communities. With that in mind, Lehigh University has taken progressive measures to create and maintain a safe campus environment. Working Relationship with Local, State, and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies The Lehigh University Police Department maintains cooperative relationships with the Bethlehem Police Department, Lower Saucon Police Department, Hellertown Police Department, and the Pennsylvania State Police, that allow for intraoperative radio capability, records sharing, joint training programs, special events coordination, and, at times, the joint investigation of serious incidents. The Lehigh University Police Department is currently negotiating the terms of a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Bethlehem Police Department. This agreement will authorize police officers and supervisors of the participating agencies to request mutual aid for incidents based upon a reasonable belief that such aid will enhance officer safety and efficiency. Under our current agreement, the Bethlehem Police Department alerts the Lehigh University Police Department of reported criminal incidents and calls for service made to the county’s 9-1-1 Center in those off-campus neighborhoods that are jointly patrolled by both Lehigh University Police and the Bethlehem Police Department. Similarly, any incidents involving any member of the Lehigh community at non-campus locations that fall within the Lehigh patrol area, including incidents involving members of student organizations affiliated with the University, are brought to the attention of the Lehigh University Police Department by the Bethlehem Police Department directly by contacting the department. Prompt & Accurate Reporting of a Crime, Fire, Hazardous Condition Or Suspicious Behavior Students, faculty, staff, and visitors are strongly encouraged to promptly and accurately report all crimes and public safety-related incidents to the Lehigh University Police Department, Campus Security Authorities, or the appropriate local police agency. Hazardous conditions are any conditions that are unsafe or unhealthful. Examples include gas leaks, the presence of hazardous environmental materials, chemical spills, and similar conditions. Suspicious behavior is any behavior that makes you feel unsafe. If it’s suspicious to you, it’s worth reporting it to the police. Examples include unusual noises, including screaming and the sounds of fighting or breaking glass; people in or around buildings or areas who do not appear to be conducting legitimate business; unauthorized people in restricted areas; vehicles driving aimlessly through campus, surrounding neighborhoods or parking lots; people looking into parked vehicles that are not their own; people who change their behavior when they notice they have been seen; people dressed inappropriately for the weather or occasion (e.g., wearing a heavy coat in warm weather); and the presence of abandoned parcels or other items in unusual locations such as a lobby or elevator. Note that these examples are not an exhaustive list and when in doubt, we encourage you to make a report. We encourage the reporting of crimes including when the victim does not elect to, or is unable to, make such a report. Crimes and incidents should be reported as soon as possible so that Lehigh may assess the need for a timely warning or emergency notification, and assess the need for inclusion in the annual statistical disclosure. Additionally, all criminal and fire-related incidents should be reported as soon as possible to the Lehigh University Police Department to assist with timely response, accurate documentation, and the exchange of important information among city, state and federal authorities. The Lehigh University Police Department monitors all calls for service made directly to the city 9-1-1 Center, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Report a Crime, Fire, Hazardous Condition or Suspicious Behavior By phone: • Dial Lehigh Police: 610-758-4200, or extension x84200 from any campus phone • Activate any Emergency Phone on campus or in campus elevators • Dial Bethlehem Police: 9-1-1 In person: • To any Lehigh Police Officer • To any Lehigh Security Guard • At LUPD headquarters, 321 E. Packer Ave, Bethlehem, PA 18015