43 2022 ANNUAL SECURITY & ANNUAL FIRE SAFETY REPORT Individuals with Disabilities Any individuals with disabilities who require assistance evacuating a building should notify the Lehigh University Police Department, Disability Support Services and Housing Services, prior to an emergency so that an evacuation assistance plan can be made for you with assistance from the Bethlehem Fire Department. Fire Inspections Housing Services, in conjunction with the Office of Residence Life, conduct fire safety inspections in all on-campus student housing facilities during the month of October. These inspections are conducted to ensure that the fire safety policies, which are outlined in our General Provisions for Student Occupancy, are being followed. Prohibited Items and Activities The General Provisions for Student Occupancy (housing contract) outlines prohibited items and activities in our Residential System. Some of these include: • smoking in any residential facility • hanging items from or blocking access to sprinkler heads • open flames of any kind and candles—any type including religious or decorative • halogen lamps • non-University issued space heaters • small portable cooking appliances, including hot plates, toaster ovens and microwaves • electric blankets • refrigerators exceeding 5.2 cubic feet • decorations which violate the provisions outlined in the General Provisions for Student Occupancy (housing contract) For additional information regarding prohibited items, please contact Housing Services at 610-758-3500. As a tobacco-free and smoke-free campus, Lehigh also prohibits all tobacco use—including smoking, vaping, hookahs, electronic smoking devices, and using smokeless tobacco products and chewing tobacco—in all Lehigh University facilities, properties, grounds, and vehicles and across all campuses indoors and outdoors. Read more at: Furniture All furniture supplied by the University meets the requirements of Cal Tech 133, and University-supplied mattresses meet Cal Tech 117. These measurements are standards, used throughout the furniture industry, regarding the combustibility requirements of residential furnishings. We strongly recommend that student-owned furniture brought into our residential system conform to the same guidelines. Student Training Residents of on-campus student housing facilities are trained in basic fire safety policies by the Residential Life Staff in Residence Halls or by Housing Services Staff in Fraternities and Sororities. This training is conducted at mandatory floor and house meetings at the beginning of each academic year. Fire safety residential policies and systems such as the below are reviewed: • smoke detectors • fire alarm pull stations • fire extinguishers • sprinkler heads • emergency exit lighting and signage • emergency evacuation routes • proper evacuation protocol in the event of a real fire The same information is covered for new residents who move into facilities during or between semesters. Fire Safety Programming The importance of fire safety at Lehigh University is highlighted during National Fire Safety Week, which takes place each year in October. Examples of programming emphasizing fire safety in residential areas are: • Showing of videos on how quickly residential rooms can catch fire and burn • Visits from the City of Bethlehem Fire Chief to discuss fire safety • Discussions on how fire safety is everyone’s responsibility Future Improvements in Fire Safety Lehigh University continues to monitor trends related to on-campus student housing facility fire incidents and alarms to provide a fire-safe living environment for all residents. New programs and policies are developed as needed to help ensure the safety of all residents, employees and guests. Additional information Additional information about fire safety at Lehigh University can be obtained by calling 610-758-3500, or by visiting Lehigh’s Housing Services website at https://