42 LEHIGH UNIVERSITY Annual Fire Safety Report Policy Statement The University is committed to providing residents, employees and guests of on-campus student housing facilities with a safe environment in which to live, learn, and work. It is the responsibility of all residents, employees and guests to abide by all fire safety rules, regulations, and guidelines. Fire Reporting If a fire is discovered, community members should immediately notify Lehigh police by activating the nearest pull station, calling x84200 from any campus phone, calling 610-758-4200, or calling 9-1-1. Lehigh police will initiate an immediate response by the Bethlehem Fire Department. If a member of the Lehigh community finds evidence of a fire that has been extinguished, and the person is not sure whether Lehigh police has already responded, the community member should immediately notify Lehigh Police to investigate and document the incident. Responding to Alarms The Lehigh University Police Department and City of Bethlehem Fire Department respond to all fire alarms in on-campus student housing facilities. Lehigh police arrive at the scene of a fire alarm first, and communicate the severity of the emergency to the City of Bethlehem Fire Department while its members are en route. All occupants of the impacted building are required to evacuate the building upon hearing the alarm. In the event of an actual fire or sprinkler discharge in an on-campus student housing facility, Lehigh police will contact the Dean of Students staff member and the Housing Services staff member who are on-call. The on-duty personnel will contact additional departments and individuals as needed. Evacuation The University expects all residents, employees, and guests to evacuate an on-campus student housing facility upon hearing a fire alarm. Individuals should evacuate through the nearest exit, in accordance with the fire evacuation map located in all hallways throughout the residential system. Once you have exited the building, you must remain outside the facility, and gather a safe distance from the building and emergency personnel. No one may reenter the building until the City of Bethlehem Fire Department has communicated that the building may be safely reoccupied. Additionally, all residents, employees and guests should follow these guidelines: • Use stairways; never use an elevator • If conditions permit, close all open doors to in order to contain the fire and smoke • If smoke-filled conditions exist, crawl low to the floor, under the smoke, to the nearest exit • If you must exit through a door, touch the door and the knob with the back of your hand; if it is hot, try another escape route • If you are trapped in your room, seal the door with rags and signal from your window; call x84200 or 9-1-1 to let Lehigh police know your location Residential Fire Safety Systems All on-campus student housing facilities at Lehigh University contain the following fire safety systems: • hard wired smoke detectors in every room • audible alarms which report back to the Lehigh University Police Department • complete sprinkler installation • fire extinguishers on every hallway, in every common kitchen area and near all individual apartment kitchens All fire safety systems are checked on a monthly basis. A detailed description of all fire safety systems can be found at Housing Services. Fire Extinguishers There is a fire extinguisher placed in all hallways and common areas throughout our residential system. The extinguishers are to be used by emergency responders and trained University personnel only. Do not attempt to fight a fire with an extinguisher unless you have been appropriately trained on the proper use of the equipment. If you discover a small fire and the alarm fails to sound, go to the nearest pull station and activate the alarm and evacuate the building immediately. Fire extinguishers throughout our residential system are inspected on a monthly basis to ensure their proper charge and functionality. Fire Drills Fire drills for on-campus student housing facilities are scheduled and conducted twice per year in accordance with the Pennsylvania State Fire Code. For the number of fire drills conducted in each on-campus student housing facility, please see the charts on pages 49 to 54 of this report. Fire drills are conducted by the Office of Housing Services in conjunction with the Office of Facilities and the Lehigh University Police Department. Results of each fire drill are sent to the City of Bethlehem Fire Department and are on file at Housing Services. Poor evacuation times will result in retesting.