30 LEHIGH UNIVERSITY best to support individuals who have experienced SexBased Misconduct. For more information, contact the office at 610-758-1303 or Registered Sex Offender Statement The Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act, a federal law, requires institutions of higher education like Lehigh to advise the campus community where information concerning registered sex offenders may be obtained. In Pennsylvania, information about sexually violent predators is accessible at the following website: https://www. Lehigh’s Drug, Alcohol and Substance Abuse Policy Any person found responsible for illegal possession, distribution or consumption of any controlled substance, including alcohol, will be subject to disciplinary action by the University and may be subject to action by civil authorities. Students Lehigh University prohibits the possession or use of alcoholic beverages by any student except when permitted by Pennsylvania law. Students found responsible for violating these policies face sanction by the Student Conduct System as well as possible referral to civil authorities. Lehigh University provides programming and educational opportunities to assist students in making good decisions regarding the use of alcohol and controlled substances. In situations where a student’s health or safety is at risk, peers are encouraged to seek medical attention for that student. Lehigh University has a medical amnesty policy that allows students to seek help without concern for disciplinary action being taken against them or the person who is in need of help. The Office of Counseling and Psychological Services is located on the fourth floor of Johnson Hall. Alcohol and other drug services are offered free of charge for a wide range of issues including substance use, abuse and dependency. Faculty and Staff University employees found responsible for violating these policies face referral to Human Resources for staff and the Provost Office for faculty. Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) are designed to assist employees during a variety of difficult times. The Lehigh EAP is managed by Uprise Health. Programs are available to eligible employees and any of their dependents who could benefit from their services. The program provides confidential access to professional counseling services for help in confronting such personal problems as alcohol and other substance abuse, marital and family difficulties, financial or legal trouble or emotional distress. For more information, please call 800-395-1616 or visit Drug-Free Schools and Drug-Free Workplace Acts We urge all students/faculty/staff to read the Report to the Campus Community concerning DRUGS and ALCOHOL: Striving for a Drug-Free Environment for Students and Employees at Lehigh University (https:// Drug_Free_School_Zone_Report.pdf). The Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 (P.L. 100-690) and the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments of 1989 (P.L. 101-206) require that each college and University receiving federal financial assistance distribute annually certain information about drugs and alcohol to all of its students and employees. This Report sets forth the University’s standards of conduct prohibiting the unlawful possession, use or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol by students and employees on its property or as part of its activities. It also includes a description of applicable drug and alcohol-related sanctions under local, Pennsylvania, and federal law; a summary of health risks associated with drug and alcohol use; a list of drug and alcohol counseling opportunities available to students and employees; and a discussion of sanctions related to drugs and alcohol that may be imposed by the University.