29 2022 ANNUAL SECURITY & ANNUAL FIRE SAFETY REPORT self-defense tactics and techniques. It is a comprehensive course that begins with awareness, prevention, risk reduction and avoidance, while progressing on to the basics of hands-on defense training. https://police. In addition, numerous trainings address the presence and use of rape drugs, and encourages awareness of those who have access to drinks and who have prepared or retrieved drinks. Finally, there are numerous workshops focused on healthy sexuality and healthy relationships in an effort to encourage and highlight appropriate behaviors. The University also utilizes a free-to-download HawkWatch safety app which allows direct communication to Lehigh Police Dispatchers and alerts them to your specific location for a quicker response. For more information on the HawkWatch app, please refer to emergency/prepared/hawkwatchapp. Gender Violence Education and Support The Lehigh University Office of Gender Violence Education and Support works to change campus climate around issues of Sex-Based Misconduct by supporting individuals experiencing Sex-Based Misconduct; reducing incidents of Sex-Based Misconduct among Lehigh students by increasing healthy relationships and consensual sexual encounters; and educating the campus community about healthy relationships, pleasurable consensual sexuality, Sex-Based Misconduct, and rape culture using evidence-based, intentional and appropriate trainings, events and initiatives. These initiatives include: • New Student Orientation: Topics of Sex-Based Misconduct and healthy relationships are addressed during orientation through sessions that address SexBased Misconduct definitions and policies, reporting and resources, sexuality, consent, dating and relationships in college and bystander intervention and risk reduction. • 5 x 10 Events: As part of the Office of First Year Experience’s 5 x 10 program, the Office of Gender Violence Education and Support annually brings a Sex-Based Misconduct speaker to campus. In addition to the speakers, weekly 5 x 10 workshops are offered that focus in more detail on the topics raised during orientation, such as LGBT Sex-Based Misconduct, drug- and alcohol-facilitated sexual assault and bystander intervention. Staff also answer any questions that new students may have about topics relating to Sex-Based Misconduct and healthy relationships. • Break the Silence Peer Educators: Break the Silence Peer Educators, a project of the Office of Gender Violence Education & Support, is a student-run organization that focuses on “Preventing Gender Violence through Healthy Sexuality Education.” Specially trained Break the Silence Peer Educators spread awareness and educate peers about Sex-Based Misconduct prevention, including sexual assault, intimate partner abuse, stalking, sexual exploitation, and harassment at Lehigh University. Break the Silence Peer Educators also conduct a variety of workshops on topics relating to healthy relationships and sexuality, ranging from “Popcorn and Porn” to “Ask a Sexpert” discussions. These are educational programs that help Lehigh’s community have positive, healthy and safe sexual experiences and relationships. • Campus Wide Events: Campus wide events are offered throughout the year in order to educate and raise awareness about Sex-Based Misconduct. Take Back the Night march and speak out is organized by members of Break the Silence each April and has become one of the most well-known and powerful events on campus. The office creates engaging and informative programming throughout the year based on student interest and campus need, such as its annual “Five Senses of Consent” event. • Awareness Months: Additional events are held in recognition of Sex-Based Misconduct awareness months including domestic violence in October, stalking and human trafficking in January, and sexual assault in April. • Gender Violence Support Advocates Program: The Advocates Program, supervised by the Office of Gender Violence Education & Support, is a network of dedicated and compassionate staff and faculty members who are trained to assist students who experience Sex-Based Misconduct. In their role, Advocates provide initial support and referrals to impacted students twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred sixty-five days a year. Through educational programming and events, the Office of Gender Violence Education and Support encourages students to examine their attitudes and beliefs about Sex-Based Misconduct, challenge rape culture, build healthy relationships and support students who experience Sex-Based Misconduct. Director Brooke DeSipio serves as a valuable resource for students who have experienced Sex-Based Misconduct or who are interested in learning more about the issues. The Director also serves as a valuable resource for family members and friends who want to learn more about how