Perspectives on Business and Economics, Vol. 40

52 The responsibility for tribes running schools would not be mandated but provide an option for self-governance, if desired. The STECs would still receive state funding for operating the school, like a typical district. Tribal compacting provides a way to address teacher retention in rural schools, with this proposal empowering people from Native tribes who may not have a classic teaching background to receive their teaching certification. It also could create a learning environment that is more receptive to students, better reflecting their community. Government money has already been put toward exploring this option (Alaska Department of Education…, n.d.). However, legislative action from the state is essential to make it a reality. Conclusion To improve education in Alaska, a multifaceted approach must be incorporated. The recommendations proposed in this article are designed to address the many issues that determine the quality of education in the state. Improving the education system in Alaska not only will serve the children in school but also cultivate a better economy and future for all.