The Tower Society fuels Lehigh’s momentum forward and emboldens our community to build the university’s future together. Such an effort demonstrates our shared investment and care in shaping Lehigh now and for generations of students that follow. Whether it is providing much-needed financial support to more than half of our exceptional undergraduates or helping Lehigh recruit and retain top research talent through endowed faculty positions, this collective action helps Lehigh provide students with an education that prepares them for success after graduation. The ideals and memories made during our time at Lehigh proudly exist today because of all our efforts and care. I hope you feel the same deep sense of pride that I do when reflecting on our progress. As chair of the Tower Society, I am humbled by what we do to build Lehigh’s future. In the face of ongoing discussions about the role of higher education today, Lehigh remains dedicated to shaping successful students into bold leaders and innovators who will shape tomorrow’s world. Driving that success and commitment is the strength and stability of Lehigh’s endowment and the people who support it. Lehigh’s community has always paired innovative ideas with decisive action, and the Tower Society exemplifies that exceptional quality. I have long believed that planned giving is a communal endeavor that helps both individual and institutional financial futures. In what follows, you will read about the diverse opportunities to protect your individual assets and enshrine the Lehigh experience that shaped you for generations to come. When you make a planned gift to Lehigh, you ensure that every Lehigh student succeeds in laying strong foundations for bold lives and careers. Their success is due in part to your forethought and planning. Thank you for your support of Lehigh and its students, faculty, and programs over the years and today. Together, we ensure that our momentum continues well into the future, making Lehigh an exceptional experience for all our students now and for those who come tomorrow. Thank you for everything you do for our great university. Go Lehigh! With warmest regards, Mike Caruso ’67 Chair, Tower Society As assistant vice president of planned giving and family philanthropy, I am privileged to hear how Lehigh has changed the lives of people, families, students, faculty, and staff. More importantly, I am honored to work with many in our community to ensure their stories are heard and cherished for generations at Lehigh. Planned giving is at its core about building the future together. A planned gift to Lehigh represents an opportunity to create something tangible that honors your memories and experiences while driving students’ potential on campus. Regardless of whether you support financial aid, a specific college or program, or an athletics team, the legacy that a planned gift represents helps Lehigh remain a prominent leader in fostering students who are ready to make the future. Whether you are a recent graduate or from a proud multi-generational Lehigh family, your story, values, and memories deserve to be honored and put to work to guide students, faculty, and the Lehigh community forward. In what follows, you will learn more about the many planned giving vehicles and opportunities that are available to establish your legacy and safeguard your income while having a measurable impact on life at Lehigh. Opportunities such as Lehigh’s Family Philanthropy Initiative offer generations of Lehigh families the chance to connect and plan how best to shape their legacy on campus. You will also read about other planned giving donors and learn the names of those whose bequests were realized in the past fiscal year. We thank them all for their generosity and their willingness to share their values and memories from their time at Lehigh. The planned giving team and I are ready to answer any questions you may have and are excited to hear more about how Lehigh shaped your lives. Thank you for all you do for Lehigh. With kindest regards, Lorraine Wiedorn ’84G ’13P ’17P Assistant Vice President, Planned Giving and Family Philanthropy 3