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PROGRAM OVERVIEW The Martindale Student Associates Honors Program provides an opportunity for a select group of Lehigh University students to explore global business, economic, and public policy issues outside the scope of classroom study. The Martindale Center takes each year’s class of students on a 12-day research trip for in-depth study and fact gathering. The most recent cohorts have focused their research on Denmark, Alaska, Argentina, South Africa, and Malaysia. During the following academic year, students complete their research, work one-on-one with a faculty mentor, and write up their findings in professional-quality journal articles. These articles are published annually in the Martindale Center’s undergraduate research journal, Perspectives on Business and Economics. In addition to their research activities, Martindale Student Associates are full members of the Martindale Society, taking part in conferences and exchanging ideas with leaders from government, business, finance, and academia who come to the Center as visiting scholars. APPLYING FOR THE PROGRAM A highly competitive selection process begins in January of each year when qualifying students from Lehigh’s four undergraduate colleges receive notification of their eligibility. The final selection is made by a faculty panel based on academic record, a written application, and an interview. Martindale Student Associates pay no fees for participation in the program. MARTINDALE CENTER PROGRAMS Founded in 1980, the Martindale Center supports the University’s goal of training leaders for a global society by developing experience-based student programs promoting understanding of the interconnected worldwide economy. MARTINDALE SOCIETY Established in 1995, the Martindale Society is a strong community of loyal Martindale alumni, faculty, staff, and friends. Members gather annually at Martindale events and support the Center’s programs and activities through generous contributions of time, money, and expertise and by connecting the Center with their professional networks in the USA and abroad. Perspectives on Business and Economics THE GAY AND DOUGLAS LANE JOURNAL OF THE LEHIGH UNIVERSITY MARTINDALE CENTER STUDENT ASSOCIATES Perspectives on Business and Economics Perspectives on Business and Economics is published by the Martindale Center for the Study of Private Enterprise. Rauch Business Center, 621 Taylor St., Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA 18015 Tel: 610-758-4771 | For past issues of Perspectives on Business and Economics archives visit: INTRODUCTION Olga Stewart NAVIGATING ALASKA’S FISCAL CRISIS: A FRAMEWORK FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE Lidya Yalew Bekele ALASKA’S RENEWABLE ENERGY POTENTIAL: OVERCOMING CHALLENGES Jessica A. Franolic THE DIGITAL DIVIDE: INTERNET IN ALASKA John Alexander Carr HARNESSING UNIQUENESS: SMALL BUSINESS GROWTH IN ALASKA FOR ECONOMIC DIVERSIFICATION Michael G. Nardelli ALASKA’S NEW FRONTIER: ENERGY-INTENSIVE COMPUTING Nathaniel Robert Alter WALKING ON THIN ICE: EDUCATION CHALLENGES IN ALASKA Clare Fonstein ALASKAN KELP: GROWING A NEW INDUSTRY Helen C. Tynes CLIMATE RELOCATION IN ALASKA: A FRAMEWORK FOR EFFICIENCY Melissa J. Hertzberg CONTEMPORARY IMPLICATIONS OF THE 1971 ALASKA NATIVE CLAIMS SETTLEMENT ACT Adrian De Vera Suarez CONSEQUENCES OF PERMAFROST MELTING ON ALASKA’S INFRASTRUCTURE Sakshi Acharya DEADLY SKIES: AVIATION IN ALASKA Griffin Alexander Fox GONE FISHING: PRESERVING ALASKAN TRADITION IN NEW WATERS Thomas Perillo Volume 40 2022 NEW FRONTIERS FOR ALASKA Perspectives on Business and Economics Volume 40 2022 Joining the Martindale Society was one of the most rewarding parts of my Lehigh experience. First, you join the Martindale family—a group of highly accomplished individuals from many fields. I have had the chance to call them for professional advice, to discuss ideas, and many of them I count as close friends today. Second, I’ve had a 20-year career as an economist on Wall Street in which I’ve had to critically analyze countries and subjects and give recommendations for the future. And, that is effectively what you do in the Martindale paper…that skill set turned out to be highly valuable in my professional career. LUIS A. ARCENTALES ’98 ‘00G Financial Advisor/Economist, Morgan Stanley Martindale Student Associates Honors Program, 1998–99 (Chile) Morocco 2023–24 MARTINDALE STUDENT ASSOCIATES HONORS PROGRAM 2023–24 MOROCCO

Martindale Student Associates Honors Program (Morocco cohort) : L to R (Back) Ben Murphy-Schmehl, Alexander Damle, Tessa Dougan, William Yaeger, Samuel Ginn, Christopher Marina, and Sarah Mixsell; (Front) Emily Michnowski, Lauryn Holgado, Layan Suleiman, Kyra Boston, and Kate Brown KYRA BOSTON is pursuing a degree in civil engineering with a concentration in water resources. At Lehigh, she serves as editor in chief of Lehigh’s yearbook (The Epitome) and works within the Office of Residence Life as a gryphon (resident assistant) with plans to return as head gryphon next year. While president of Engineers Without Borders, she visited La Recta De Sanita, Dominican Republic, with the club’s travel team to complete a formal assessment. Kyra’s other leadership experiences include being the membership educator of Lehigh’s Alpha Omega Epsilon professional sorority, a Rossin Junior Fellow, and an intern at Gannett Fleming. Kyra will work full time at Gannett Fleming in the summer of 2023 with plans to return as an engineer in training following graduation. KATE BROWN is pursuing a degree in population health with a minor in probability and statistics. At Lehigh, she is a member of the College of Health Student Advisory Council and serves as the student ambassador chair. There, she works with faculty to promote the College of Health and speaks at open houses and on admitted student panels. Kate is also an undergraduate researcher in Professor Thomas McAndrew’s Computational Uncertainty Laboratory and the philanthropy director of Zeta Tau Alpha. In addition, she participated in Lehigh’s Mentor Collective and served as an apprentice teacher for biostatistics. Outside of Lehigh, Kate has gained laboratory, research, and writing experience at Burke Neurological Institute, in White Plains, NY, and Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. ALEXANDER DAMLE is pursuing a degree in accounting and finance with a minor in fintech. Alex grew up in Tolland, CT, and has lived abroad in Innsbruck, Austria. At Lehigh, he is president of the accounting club, a member of the Investment Management Group, and also involved in the golf in business club. He maintains memberships in the Beta Gamma Sigma and Beta Alpha Psi honor societies for business students. During the summer of ‘23, Alex will be interning with KPMG in their audit service line; he plans to pursue his CPA designation in the near future. Outside of classes, Alex is fond of golf, soccer, basketball, and any opportunity to get outside. Professionally, Alex wants to pursue a career in public accounting and has aspirations for a law degree with a focus on tax. TESSA DOUGAN is pursuing a dual degree in environmental science and environmental studies with a minor in psychology. Tessa is the vice president of Lehigh’s belly dance club and also a member of the Eco-Rep Leadership Program. Tessa has conducted research with Professor Robert Booth on the Miyawaki method of forestry and is interested in ecology as well as environmental city planning. Outside of school, Tessa is a competitive powerlifter and is always trying to get stronger both mentally and physically. Tessa will be an Iacocca intern this summer, researching marine technology design at the Singapore University of Technology and Design. SAMUEL GINN is an Eckardt Scholar, pursuing majors in history and international relations and a minor in studio architecture. In 2022, he participated in the Iacocca International Internship Program and traveled to Belgrade, Serbia, to produce a research report on the securitization of the Serbian national identity through literature for the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia. He was selected to be a Lehigh University/UN Partnership intern for the spring 2023 semester, during which he has worked to facilitate student trips to the UN and develop a panel discussion program to help Lehigh students interact with experts on the international arms trade and its impacts on global peacekeeping efforts. Additionally, Sam is a member of the pilot program for the art gallery’s student-led tour project and plays on the men’s club rugby team. He hopes to pursue a career in the field of private security contracting and analysis. MARTINDALE STUDENT ASSOCIATES HONORS PROGRAM 2023–24 MOROCCO

LAURYN HOLGADO is an Eckardt Scholar pursuing a dual degree in chemical engineering and chemistry. At Lehigh, Lauryn is a coordinator of the Eco-Rep Leadership Program, a resident assistant, a teaching assistant, a Lehigh After Dark ambassador, a Rossin Junior Fellow, and a member of Tau Beta Pi, an engineering honors society. Currently, Lauryn is a UN youth representative for the Nadam Foundation, an NGO in India that advocates for environmental protection and women’s rights, and an undergraduate researcher in Professor Srinivas Rangarajan’s laboratory, where she investigates the oxidative coupling of methane. Previously, she worked as an undergraduate researcher in Professor Angela Brown’s laboratory, developing new techniques to fight antibiotic resistance. In 2022, Lauryn was awarded a DAAD RISE scholarship, interning in Freiberg, Germany. There, she studied the oxidation of methane and formaldehyde using iron oxide catalysts. She plans to pursue a Ph.D. in chemical engineering and research sustainable technologies and energies. CHRISTOPHER MARINA is double majoring in accounting and finance and minoring in history. He was born in Stroudsburg, PA, and came to Lehigh because of its prestigious colleges and to stay close to his family. At Lehigh, he is involved as the campus events coordinator for the Eco-Rep Leadership Program; a Technology, Research, and Communication Fellow; and a member of the Greening the UN Missions team. He is also a part of the Beta Gamma Sigma and Beta Alpha Psi business honor societies. Running, playing with his dog Tilly, and spending time with loved ones are his favorite hobbies. Post Lehigh, he is interested in finding ways of incorporating environmental and social policy into American accounting and finance firms. EMILY MICHNOWSKI is a part of the Integrated Degree in Engineering, Arts and Sciences program, studying chemical engineering and earth and environmental sciences with a minor in English. At Lehigh, she is a resident assistant, president of the Delta Chi chapter of the Phi Sigma Pi national honor fraternity, and vice president of Lehigh’s chapter of Engineers Without Borders. She worked as a Lehigh Valley Social Impact Fellow on the Southside Permaculture Park, a zero-waste park that utilizes permaculture principles to create a sustainable food source for the South Side Bethlehem community through regenerative urban agriculture. Emily is on the Greening the UN Missions team as a part of the Greening the Blue program, with the purpose of promoting sustainable practices within the UN Missions offices. In the summer of 2022, she participated in SIT Iceland: Renewable Energy, Technology, and Resource Economics study abroad program. She plans to pursue a career in scientific journalism with a focus on the environment. SARAH MIXSELL is pursuing a B.A. as a double major in women, gender, and sexuality studies and in sociology and anthropology, with minors in history and global studies. At Lehigh, she served as the vice-president of diversity, equity, and inclusion on her sorority’s executive board in 2022 and currently serves as the 2023 chapter president of Kappa Alpha Theta. Sarah works in partnership with the Pride Center and the Center for Gender Equity at Lehigh on an annual activism project dedicated to raising awareness for missing and murdered indigenous women and girls. At home in Anchorage, Alaska, she is the founder and president of Alaska Kids for Kids, a youth-centric nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the visibility of and contributing to the mission fulfillment of larger youth organizations in Alaska. Sarah plans to pursue a career in diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging consulting. BEN MURPHY-SCHMEHL is an Eckardt Scholar pursuing a degree in economics with minors in data science and global studies. Last summer, he was awarded the Elisha P. Wilbur Scholarship Prize for having the best semester average for his sophomore year. Ben is the lead communicator to the European Union UN Mission for Lehigh University’s Greening the UN Missions program. Since his freshman year, Ben has worked as a sustainable office program assistant and as a metrics and reporting assistant for Lehigh’s Office of Sustainability. Ben has also interned for PennEnvironment, a statewide, environmental nonprofit organization, sparking his interests in environmental injustice and its economic implications. On campus, Ben has worked as a peer tutor and a summer admissions tour guide and is a part of Lehigh’s running club. Professionally, he has interned for Juno Capital Partners and worked for Lehigh’s Data for Impact Summer Institute. Ben will intern this summer at Moody’s Analytics and plans to pursue a career as an economic analyst. LAYAN SULEIMAN is pursuing a degree in industrial and systems engineering with minors in business and computer science. At Lehigh, she conducted research as a Campus Sustainability Impact Fellow, pioneering ways to decrease the recycling contamination rate on campus. She is president of the Middle Eastern Student Union, where she aims to create a welcoming community for Middle Eastern students on campus and strives to make connections with the surrounding Lehigh Valley community. Outside Lehigh, she holds an advisory position in which she guides a cohort of 20 international students from Saudi Arabia to ensure their academic, emotional, and social success. In addition, she volunteers for the Philadelphia branch of the Muslim Interscholastic Tournament. In her free time, Layan focuses on her selfestablished embroidery business and uses it to amplify topics she is passionate about. Layan plans to pursue a postgraduate interdisciplinary degree that combines business and engineering. WILLIAM YAEGER is pursuing a degree in biology and in industrial and systems engineering through Lehigh’s Integrated Degree in Engineering, Arts and Sciences honors program. He is interested in the development of biological solutions to social and environmental problems. Will is an alumnus of Lehigh’s Global Social Impact Fellowship, through which he served for two years as the technical lead for GRO Mushrooms, a social enterprise focused on the development of sustainable low-tech mushroom production systems to address food insecurity and malnutrition in Sierra Leone. He studies yeast genome evolution as an undergraduate researcher in Professor Gregory Lang’s laboratory and has previously conducted research on bacteriophage genetics and molecular surveillance of toxic algal blooms. Will is active in various campus organizations, serving as founder and president emeritus of the Lehigh quiz bowl club, a wilderness trip leader for the Lehigh outing club, a gryphon (resident assistant), and a member of the Lehigh Student Senate. He enjoys reading and spending time hunting for mushrooms or backpacking with friends. Will plans to pursue a Ph.D. and work in applied biological research and entrepreneurship.

THE STUDENT ASSOCIATES EXPERIENCE Over the decades Martindale Student Associates have studied in countries spanning five continents. 2023/2024 Morocco 2022/2023 Denmark 2021/2022 Alaska 2020/2021 Argentina 2019/2020 South Africa 2018/2019 Malaysia 2017/2018 UK 2016/2017 Peru 2015/2016 Czech Republic 2014/2015 Portugal 2013/2014 Slovenia 2012/2013 Colombia 2011/2012 Greece 2010/2011 Iceland 2009/2010 Turkey 2008/2009 New Zealand 2007/2008 Benelux 2006/2007 Panama 2005/2006 Hungary 2004/2005 Spain 2003/2004 Sweden 2002/2003 Italy 2001/2002 Hong Kong 2000/2001 Ireland 1999/2000 Switzerland/Austria 1998/1999 Chile 1997/1998 Germany 1996/1997 France 1995/1996 Germany 1994/1995 Argentina 1993/1994 Canada 1992/1993 Mexico 1991/1992 Czechoslovakia 1990/1991 Washington, D.C. 1989/1990 Michigan, Illinois, & New Jersey 1988/1989 Wisconsin, Michigan, & Kentucky 1987/1988 London & New York Denmark 2022 Alaska 2021 Martindale Center for the Study of Private Enterprise Lehigh University College of Business Rauch Business Center, 621 Taylor Street, Bethlehem, PA 18015-3117 Tel: 610-758-4771 | Fax: 610-758-6549 Executive Director: Todd A. Watkins, Ph.D. | 610-758-4954 | Connect with us on Instagram @martindalecenterlehigh Facebook @Martindale Center at Lehigh University I owe a great deal of my personal and professional success to my participation in the Martindale program. As a student, I was exposed to new ideas and concepts that extended beyond the normal academic curriculum and broadened my thinking. I also developed deeper relationships with my professors, other students, and alumni that have continued to flourish. Looking back, my involvement as a Student Associate was the highlight of my Lehigh experience. SARAT SETHI ’92 Managing Partner, Portfolio Manager/Equity Analyst, Douglas C. Lane & Associates Corporate Trustee, Lehigh University Chair, Lehigh University Endowment Investment Subcommittee President, The Martindale Society Martindale Student Associates Program, 1991–92 (Czechoslovakia) The Martindale Student Associates Program provided me with a one-of-a-kind experience while at Lehigh. This program gives students a unique learning and development opportunity. Whether it’s meeting with business leaders, members of government, or other experts, students of the program are exposed to things they otherwise would not encounter… Similarly, the writing, editing, and researching talents you will develop after proposing a publication for the Martindale journal will last a lifetime. CJ BERZIN ’10 Senior Finance Manager, Business Development at the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson Martindale Student Associates Program, 2009–10 (Turkey) MARTINDALE STUDENT ASSOCIATES HONORS PROGRAM 2023–24 MOROCCO