Giving Day Recap 2022

6 | stay connected with FOR THE STUDENTS For the first time since 2019, we had a space outside for students to engage with Giving Day challenges and matches. The plaza outside the Fairchild-Martindale Library buzzed with generosity throughout the day, as students immediately benefited from your support on Giving Day. FREE COFFEE Parents rallied to unlock both coffee vouchers and cookies and brownies for their students to enjoy! SOUTH SIDE DISCOUNTS Reaching 250 donors unlocked more than 10 discounts to South Side businesses for the entire Lehigh community to enjoy! BOOKSTORE DISCOUNTS When we reached 500 donors, a 10% Lehigh bookstore discount was unlocked to grab some new Lehigh swag! CASH GRAB BOOTH A cash grab booth for students to catch funds for their favorite Lehigh organization. Some engineering students even calculated the exact place to stand to catch the most funds. FOOD TRUCKS Just in time for the lunchtime rush, students unlocked french fries delivered by Lehigh food trucks! SPECIALTY DRINKS By supporting student-led crowdfunding initiatives, we unlocked specialty tea drinks from the local restaurant, Crave!