2 DEAR ALUMNI AND FRIENDS: From left, Zemichael Gebeyehu ’24 and Nathaniel Dudko ’26 fine tune the Lehigh University Space Initiative’s Mars Rover, before competing in the University Rover Challenge 2023. Lehigh’s commitment to experiential learning emboldens our future makers to challenge what it means to GO BEYOND!

3 When we endow something, we invite others to connect with a cherished part of who we are. At Lehigh, the endowment represents a vast collection of memories: of a mentor, experiences on campus, and the rich history and traditions that we secure and make accessible to generations of students. When we create an endowment, we hope that others will share in a piece of what made us who we are today while they build a future for themselves on campus and beyond. And it is the endowment and its strength that fuels that future for Lehigh students. The endurance of the endowment keeps Lehigh focused, preparing students and graduates to engage with the world and lead lives of meaning. Despite debates about the role of higher education today, Lehigh never wavers in turning successful students into bold leaders and innovators because of our collective action and the agility of the endowment. This year, Lehigh begins an exciting new chapter in its history with the implementation of the strategic plan, Inspiring the Future Makers, and the extension of GO: The Campaign for Lehigh into the bold engagement and fundraising goals of GO Beyond: The Campaign for Future Makers. We only need to look at what we have accomplished so far and where we are going to see the power of our shared impact. Last year, we united to champion more than 50% of our students who depend on financial aid and scholarships, providing that critical support with 304 endowed scholarships created during the public phase of GO: The Campaign for Lehigh. This semester, we welcomed 27 exceptional students to Lehigh as the inaugural Soaring Together Scholarship cohort, and we look forward to opening Lehigh’s doors to more people with the announcement of The Lehigh Commitment. Thank you for your support over the years and for your steadfast commitment to uphold the Lehigh experience for all current and future students. As chair of the Tower Society, I am deeply honored to stand with you. In the following pages, you will see how Lehigh has grown over the last year. You will read more about the success of GO and the new heights we will reach as we GO Beyond. Finally, you will see the current financial position of the endowment. The experiences and memories we cherish here on campus today, and those that are being fostered right now, will remain hallmarks of this great university because of you. Thank you. Go Lehigh! With warmest regards, Mike Caruso ’67 Chair, Tower Society Fiscal year 2023 was a tale of two halves as the first six months were essentially flat, and most of the gains were made in the final six months. As a result, we saw the endowment increase by 7.5%. Global equity markets started their recovery in the face of rising interest rates. There were no major asset allocation changes, but a slight overweight to absolute return has been a ballast and beneficial diversifier over the long term. Our diversified asset allocation was a contributing factor to the preservation of capital and a meaningful return generator during the year. The public equity asset class was the best-performing asset class, returning 20%, due to the global equity market recovery from an earlier sell-off in the technology sector. Our public market exposure benefited recently from the technology rally, partially driven by an increase in investments and awareness in AI and the supporting infrastructure from top technology companies. The absolute return portfolio was another bright spot, generating a 9% return and providing significant diversification benefits and positive performance across hedge funds, private credit, and opportunistic strategies. We are encouraged by the performance of our diversifying asset classes, which have continued to generate consistent return, uncorrelated to risk assets. The private equity portfolio was an underperformer as it felt the lagged and lingering effects of the previously mentioned technology sell-off and broad valuation declines. The real estate portfolio, however, held up well and had a positive return despite rising interest rates and major shifts in supply-demand dynamics. Private markets have slowed their investment deployment and fundraising, but we expect an increase in these activities heading into fiscal year 2024 and 2025. The endowment is set up nicely to take advantage of these opportunities. Lastly, rising interest rates continued to be a theme for the treasury portfolio. Overall, the treasury portfolio held up well and is in a strong position going forward with our decision to shorten overall duration, therefore reducing sensitivity to rising rates and repositioning the portfolio to capture an attractive yield opportunity. As we enter fiscal year 2024, we remain cognizant of the current market environment, which is characterized by rising interest rates, lingering effects of inflation, and geopolitical events. The endowment retains its flexibility with an appropriate cash balance, and we are taking advantage of the high-interest-rate environment by investing in short-duration fixed income that can generate a meaningful yield. Thank you for your ongoing support of the Lehigh endowment and the very important role it plays in advancing Lehigh’s strategic priorities and programs. Kristin Agatone Chief Investment Officer Cover: Honoring the past and boldly looking forward, Lehigh lights up the Lehigh Valley with the Health, Science and Technology building (HST). As the home of the College of Health, the HST inspires interdisciplinary research and positions Lehigh and its community to build a brighter future.

4 Tenacity and teamwork make the difference on and off the field for Lehigh Athletics. After a nail-biting shootout win in the semifinals, the field hockey team defeated Boston University, securing its place as Patriot League champions.

5 TABLE OF CONTENTS Campaign Update 6 Endowment Perspective 8 Value of the Endowment 9 Endowment Overview 10 Inspiring Students to Go Beyond the Classroom 12 Board of Trustees 14 Contact Us 14 Tower Society Members 16 .................................................................. ...................................................... ....................................................... ......................................................... ....... ................................................................ ............................................................................ ....................................................

6 Since its public launch in 2018, GO: The Campaign for Lehigh has harnessed the collective support and enthusiasm of alumni, parents, faculty, staff, students, and friends to build the future of Lehigh. Your philanthropy and engagement have been instrumental in transforming the face of campus, building innovative programs, and supporting our exceptional students. Over 300 endowed scholarships alone have been created since the start of the campaign — making a tangible difference for students today and for generations to come. These scholarships are critical and only the beginning of the positive impact you have had on Lehigh’s endowment throughout the campaign. You have enhanced core programs, academic departments, collections, and research initiatives that matter deeply to our Lehigh community. Because of you, more students are taking the stage at Zoellner Arts Center. They’re having exceptional learning opportunities in environmental and biological sciences. In the residence halls, Gryphons have the chance to develop their skills and potential as the next generation of Lehigh leaders. And across campus and colleges, more students have the support to access everything a Lehigh education offers. Today, we set our sights even higher, with Inspiring the Future Makers guiding Lehigh’s vision for the next decade and key initiatives taking shape. The strategic plan envisions a reimagined higher education experience, one that meets the world’s challenges with practical rigor and interdisciplinary collaboration — two of Lehigh’s core strengths. To fuel the strategic plan and university priorities, Lehigh is embarking on a bold new phase of our fundraising and engagement efforts: GO Beyond: The Campaign for Future Makers sets a new goal of raising $1.25 billion and engaging 50% of alumni. As we move forward, we are excited to share opportunities where the endowment will be key to our success. We are so grateful to everyone who has and will continue to play a part in this monumental collective effort. The endowment, which has grown substantially over the years, has been pivotal in achieving Lehigh’s aspirations, and its impact — and your contribution — will continue to resonate. Because of your enthusiasm, loyalty, and philanthropy, Lehigh will meet this moment and grow, innovate, and create the future makers the world needs. Together, let’s GO Beyond. Learn more about GO Beyond and how you can get involved and make a difference today by scanning this QR code: CAMPAIGN UPDATE


ENDOWMENT PERSPECTIVE When Asa Packer founded Lehigh University in 1865, he realized that a solid financial base was necessary if his vision was to transcend generations. His $3 million initial endowment fund, Lehigh’s first, is now one of the largest funds in Lehigh’s $1.756 billion endowment. Packer’s fund has been joined by almost 3,000 other endowments. Together, they advance Lehigh’s strategic priorities and the programs about which you care so deeply. Consider the ways in which endowment has an impact: Endurance. The endowment is one of Lehigh’s most powerful financial tools. Your support sustains the educational mission of the university and creates a legacy for generations to come. Quality and Reputation. The effect of a gift to Lehigh’s endowment, particularly one in support of financial aid and scholarship, ensures that the most talented students have access to a distinctive Lehigh education. This helps increase the quality of Lehigh’s academic profile and reputation. Prestige. Named endowed funds allow Lehigh to recognize the generosity of the donors who make them possible and also carry great honor for the beneficiaries, who put their knowledge and expertise to work to expand our impact as a university. Agility. When continuous resources are provided by endowment, annual budget dollars become available to pursue ideas and innovations, allowing Lehigh to remain competitive and thriving in today’s rapidly changing world. 8 Lehigh researchers do not dream about a better future — they shape it. Materials science and engineering Ph.D. student Mari-Therese Burton uses a Microsoft HoloLens 2 mixedreality headset. You help the Nano | Human Interfaces (NHI) Presidential Engineering Research Initiative use technology to improve communication between teams, enhance problem solving, and foster collaboration between partners.

9 In the past 10 years, the university’s endowment experienced growth based on donor support and investment return net of operating distributions. During this period, the market value has increased from approximately $1.216 billion on June 30, 2014, to $1.756 billion on June 30, 2023. While the $74.8 million of distributed earnings from the university endowment must be used according to the specified purpose of each fund, the payout touches all areas of the university and demonstrates the ongoing commitment to financial aid with more than 46% of the university’s donor-restricted endowment designated for scholarships and fellowships. In fiscal year 2023, institutional financial aid was provided to 54% of undergraduate students, with an average needbased award of just over $50,604. Donor-Restricted Endowment Funds VALUE OF THE ENDOWMENT Spending Distribution Growth History FISCAL YEAR DOLLARS IN BILLIONS ’14 ’15 ’16 ’17 ’18 ’19 ’20 ’21 ’22 ’23 1.0 1.5 2.0 Endowment Fund Market Value Growth History 50 60 70 80 FISCAL YEAR DOLLARS IN MILLIONS ’14 ’15 ’16 ’17 ’18 ’19 ’20 ’21 ’22 ’23 Fiscal year ending June 30, 2023

10 Lehigh’s Investment Office manages the day-to-day operations of the investment program. The office is under the fiduciary oversight of the Investment Subcommittee of the Board of Trustees and is led by the chief investment officer. In the management of the endowment, there are three primary objectives. Financial Objective The principal financial objective of the investment program is to preserve and, if possible, enhance the real purchasing power of the endowment principal in order to ensure the university’s financial future. The endowment must strike a balance between the preservation of principal in real terms for perpetuity and support of the university’s current operating needs. Investment Objective In order to achieve the financial objectives of the investment program, the investment goal of the endowment is to generate a real return of 5% annualized (net of inflation) over the long run. The 5% real return goal is expected to allow the university to grow the principal of the endowment to support future generations’ needs and to maintain its current spending objective, which supports near-term university operations. It is understood that the asset allocation of the endowment will be the primary driver of its performance over time. The Finance Committee and Investment Subcommittee set the asset allocation policy that is expected to achieve the 5% real return investment objective. While the Finance Committee and Investment Subcommittee set the asset allocation policy, the Investment Office is responsible for the implementation of the policy and the day-to-day management of the endowment. Spending Objective The endowment will transfer to the university’s operating fund annually 5% of the 12 quarters moving average market value of the endowment. On a per-unit basis, the transfer will result in a minimum and maximum annual increase of Endowment Management ENDOWMENT OVERVIEW PORTFOLIO 1 YR 3 YRS 5 YRS 7 YRS 10 YRS Lehigh Portfolio 7.5 12.0 8.8 9.8 8.1 Benchmark Portfolio 8.6 9.7 7.9 8.9 8.2 Global 60/40 Portfolio 9.4 5.0 5.5 6.3 6.0 -2% and 5%, respectively. The spending distribution from each endowment fund is used to support the purpose as specified in the endowment agreement between the donor and the university. The university’s endowment earned 7.5% for fiscal year 2023, net of all fees and expenses. The Policy Benchmark is a weighted average of market indexes that represent each asset class in the endowment’s policy asset allocation. The Global 60/40 portfolio is defined as 60% MSCI ACWI index and 40% Barclays Aggregate index. Annualized Returns Percentages Fiscal year ending June 30, 2023

11 Target Asset Allocation Percentages ASSET CLASS FISCAL YEAR 2023 RETURN FISCAL YEAR 2023 TARGET ALLOCATION COMMENTARY Public Equity 20 37 The Public Equity portfolio was a strong contributor after recovering from a broadbased global equity market sell-off. The recovery was led by technology and growth companies that were hit hardest by the sell-off and rebounded in part due to increased demand for AI-related technologies and the supporting infrastructure. Private Equity -4 30 The Private Equity portfolio was a detractor to performance due to a lagged reflection of the broad-based markdowns impacting the industry. The performance was mixed across each of the sub-portfolios as buyout and growth managers were positive and venture capital managers were significantly negative. Absolute Return 9 20 The Absolute Return portfolio was a consistent contributor to performance despite volatility within global equity and fixed income markets. The portfolio is structured to be highly uncorrelated to markets and achieved positive performance across each of the sub-portfolios including hedge funds, credit, and opportunistic largely capitalizing on idiosyncratic opportunities. Real Estate 1 5 The Real Estate portfolio was only slightly positive due to rising interest rates and shifting supply-demand dynamics. The largest exposure is to multi-family and industrials, but the underperformance was seen across sectors. Treasuries & Cash 1 8 The Treasuries and Cash portfolio was slightly positive as the 10-year treasury yield continued to rise during the fiscal year. The portfolio navigated the environment well and is set up to capitalize on the meaningful yield the market is providing. We believe that any student with the drive and ambition to succeed at Lehigh deserves a chance to explore their talents. You help students from all backgrounds pursue handson research and potential careers with exceptional faculty mentors. Students in Professor Joseph Menicucci Jr.’s introductory course learn about various engineering disciplines.

12 Lehigh knows that an innovative, hands-on education transforms our students into successful critical thinkers and go-getters who challenge what is possible before they graduate. However, not every student has the means to take advantage of such opportunities while at Lehigh. D. Brooks Zug ’67 and Linda Zug ’67 and the late Professor Richard Aronson both challenged that reality. The Zug family saw the College of Health as a way to honor Brooks’ late brother, Charles Zug III ’52, a physician and chief of surgery at St. Luke’s until his death in 1982. Now that legacy affects lives on campus and throughout the Lehigh Valley. The Linda M. and D. Brooks Zug ’67 Endowed Community Health Student Internship Fund helps the College of Health reach its goal of ensuring 100% of its students participate in experiential learning by encouraging students to seek out internships at local health nonprofits. The Zugs’ support is just as critical to nonprofits because limited resources often bar them from offering paid internships, and for many students, an unpaid experience is not feasible. The Zug family’s support allows students INSPIRING STUDENTS TO GO BEYOND THE CLASSROOM

13 to seek out a range of internship opportunities at nonprofit health organizations by offering them funding for travel and living expenses, enabling students to pair what they learn in labs and the classroom with the work they do at these organizations. Such experiential learning creates “a wonderful loop,” says Linda Brooks, that enriches the classroom and connects learning on campus with real-world impact throughout the summer. Professor Aronson, who passed away in January 2022, also knew the value of hands-on experiences to accelerate student learning, specifically through global experiential learning. Throughout his 50 years at Lehigh, and as the founder and director of the Martindale Center for the Study of Private Enterprise, he shaped the lives and careers of over 400 Martindale Student Associates, many of whom benefited from life-changing trips to countries that included Slovenia, Colombia, Greece, and Argentina. This travel and mentorship with global business leaders paid dividends in the classroom. Those global experiences continue today because of the collaborative and philanthropic vision of Todd Watkins, executive director of the Martindale Center, and Aronson’s friend, Leo Guthart. Because of Watkins’ leadership and Guthart’s creation of the J. Richard Aronson Endowed Martindale Program Student Travel Fund, more Martindale Student Associates are able to travel outside the classroom and foster global partnerships. Each year, 12 future makers spend their junior and senior years exploring business, economic, social, and public policy issues as they prepare for a life of success and impact driven by these hands-on experiences. Our community believes that the future is better when we build it together. The Zug family’s and Professor Aronson’s philanthropy and leadership exemplify this value. From bridging the gap between the campus and the rest of the Lehigh Valley through community-based initiatives to exercising entrepreneurial ambitions and serving careerdefining internships, students shape their futures and drive real change at Lehigh and in local and global communities. My theory has always been that you can’t teach anybody anything. What you can do is inspire people to learn, because they’re going to have to learn it on their own sooner or later. —Professor Richard Aronson Linda Zug and D. Brooks Zug ’67 Professor Richard Aronson

14 Please share any questions or comments you may have about the information within this report. Development and Alumni Relations (610) 758-3120 BOARD OF TRUSTEES CONTACT US The following offices have contributed to this report and serve as additional resources to assist with questions or comments about Lehigh’s endowment and other assets. Investment Office (610) 758-2280 Treasurer’s Office (610) 758-3180 Investment Subcommittee | Fiscal Year 2023 Members Finance Committee | Fiscal Year 2023 Members Jordan Hitch ’88 ’20P ’21P (Chair) Former Managing Director Bain Capital Jeffrey Bosland ’88 ’22P Former Senior Managing Director Cerberus Capital Management LP Jay Clayton Senior Policy Advisor and Of Counsel Sullivan and Cromwell LLP Eric A. Clement ’99 Senior Vice President and Fund Manager RXR Realty LLC James H. Garrett Jr. Provost and Chief Academic Officer Carnegie Mellon University Sarat Sethi ’92 Managing Partner Douglas C. Lane & Associates Erika J. Smith ’99 Dean of the College Connecticut College Frank E. “Ted” Walsh III ’88 Partner WR Capital Partners Mary T. Kush ’88 (Chair) Principal Douglass Winthrop Advisors Maria L. Chrin ’87 ’10P Founder and Managing Partner Circle Wealth Management LLC Jay Clayton Senior Policy Advisor and Of Counsel Sullivan and Cromwell LLP Jordan Hitch ’88 ’20P ’21P Former Managing Director Bain Capital Daniel R. Pietrzak ’97 Co-President and CIO FS/KKR Advisor LLC Edward Ramos ’89 Independent Director Optimum Fund Trust Gregory G. Stahl ’92 Chief Investment Officer Dock Street Capital LLC Christopher M. Scott ’94 Managing Director and Head of U.S. Residential Mortgages Morgan Stanley Frank E. “Ted” Walsh III ’88 Partner WR Capital Partners

FOR MORE INFORMATION Investment Website lehigh.edu/investment Lehigh University’s Investment Office offers an overview of the endowment as well as information on objectives, governance, performance, and growth on its website. Lehigh’s Strategic Plan lehigh.edu/strategicplan Lehigh’s strategic plan, Inspiring Future Makers, is guiding Lehigh’s vision of the next decade and key initiatives taking shape. Visit the Inspiring Future Makers website to explore the full plan. 15 An education at Lehigh transcends borders and continents. Your support encourages students to seize on global learning opportunities to take what they learn on campus and use it in the real world. Emeritus Art, Architecture, and Design professor Anthony Viscardi guides Lehigh students through the finer points of urban sketching during a study abroad trip to Sicily.

The Tower Society represents the bedrock of philanthropy at Lehigh. It recognizes those generous alumni and friends who make a gift to support Lehigh’s mission with a confirmed bequest, by participation in the life income program, or by creating an endowed fund. The Tower Society includes the university’s most long-standing, dedicated benefactors and serves as a living reminder of how the past — and the present — can provide for the future. We are enormously grateful to everyone who has contributed to Lehigh over the years. Your enduring support provides a source of stability and strength to fulfill the bold ambitions of the university. We thank you for your support and everything you make achievable. 16

Founder Asa Packer 1872 William S. Cortright 1874 Annie and Robert Mitchell 1875 Edward H. Williams, Jr. 1876 Charles W. MacFarlane Charles L. Taylor 1878 Henry M. Byllesby John W. Eckert Benjamin B. Nostrand, Jr. Murtha P. Quinn 1883 Walter O. Briggs, Jr. Garrett Linderman Hoppes Preston Albert Lambert Henry A. Porterfield Francis H. Purnell 1884 David G. Kerr James Ward Packard 1885 Felix Freyhold 1886 Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Reist Edwin S. Stackhouse Curtis H. Veeder 1887 Fanny and Francis Dravo Henry S. Haines, Jr. William F. Kiesel, Jr. John Walter Ledoux George F. Pettinos Frank S. Smith Henry A.J. Wilkens Frank Williams 1888 Albert Brodhead Luther Rees Zollinger 1889 Samuel E. Berger Jane and Ralph Dravo Charles R. Hinchman Clarence Walker 1890 Frank R. Coates Robert S. Mercur Alexander Potter Samuel Dexter Warriner 1891 Mr. and Mrs. John R. W. Davis Eleanor and Alban Eavenson Ralf R. Hillman Henry Kemmerling George Edward Wendle 1893 Charles W. Parkhurst 1894 Lawrence C. Brink John Jacob Frank James E. Hughes 1895 Franklin Baker, Jr. C. Kemble Baldwin Mary and Robert Bartholomew Blanche and Eugene Brown William Wheeler Coleman Elisha Barton John J. Livingston Poultney Helen and Nathaniel Thurlow 1896 George A. Buvinger John W. Dalman Alice and William Dickerman J. Gordon Mason Walter Okeson Ida Louise Stoner and Harry Neff Herr Davis S. Williams 1897 Frank Breckenridge Bell John A. Fisher 1898 Edward D. Hillman Harold J. Horn Leonard S. Horner Jacob B. Krause Victor C. Records Benjamin Dewitt Riegel 1899 Eugene G. Grace Charles R. Hinchman Roy R. Hornor 1900 George C. Coutant Alan C. Dodson Albert D. Hollingsworth Gertrude and William Paul Starkey 1901 Constance and Newton Buch Samuel P. Heitshu Charles J. McGonigle Luther D. Menough 1902 Lillie Robb Hall William L. Helm Mary and Donnel Hewett 1903 Richard S. Cunningham Walter D. Gernet Alfred R. Glancy Emory T. Miller 1904 Frances and Harold Bonner, Jr. Emma and Charles Orth John H. Powell Margaret and Francis Sinn 1905 Ben C. Bentley Mr. and Mrs. John D. Berg William L. Estes, Jr. Mary and Nevin Funk 1906 Harvey M. Burkey Stewart J. Cort Clyde C. Denlinger Estep T. Gott Roger S. Guerber Frank W. Jefferson Ethel and Milton Kirk 1907 Louis Antonsanti Marion T. and Mahlon Daniels Henry J. Groeninger Mary Louise and Earle Johnson Edna and Clair Loucks Alice and Philip MacQueen Eleanor and Martin Schmid 1908 Bertha and James Bayless George Raleigh Brothers Louise and John Gressitt Norman L. Johnson Theodore F. Kotz Walter P. Morrison Cajetan Morsack 1909 Alfred P. S. Bellis Robert J. Desh Sidney L. Hechinger Charles H. Jennings Gertrude and Henry Maddock Lloyd McEntire John C. Stoddard Richard August Wahl Raymond M. Wolfe 1910 William W. Broadbent George H. Crocker James C. Gorman Robert P. More Holden I. Tripp Carl A. Woerwag 1911 Walter C. Carson John S. Kiesel Walter L. Merkel Charles W. Rauch Othello H. Schroedl Oliver Hobson Smith Members Bold type denotes new members. 17

18 1912 Ruth and Wheaton Douglass Grace and Burton Hartley Elizabeth and Walter Nevius 1913 Harold R. Blackman Jacob Blaustein Robert and Helen Campbell Willis B. Clemmitt Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Dynan William C. Fry, Jr. Wilson N. Gambrill Walter R. King Clara and Leon Mart Miriam and Pat Pazzetti Paul B. Reinhold Carll R. Streets William F. Tapking, Jr. Chandler Weaver Andrew K. White 1914 Eleanor and C. Burton Backes Creighton D. Bickley Bertha and William Kaufmann Arthur B. Leonard Harvey Louis Street II 1915 Gladys and Albert Blank Alfred V. Bodine Harry J. Dilcher Gwendolyn and Jesse Dilley Niel Matheson Martha and William Mayer Mary and Harry Vitzthum Helen and Myron Weaver William H. Wills Stanley A. Wuchter 1916 Harold F. Bergstresser William C. Cahall, Jr. Dorothy and Leicester Lancaster Ralph J. McMillan Dorothy and Thomas Robinson Harry L. Rust, Jr. George A. Smith Mina and Laury Stem Gordon C. Thorne Hazel and Walter Volkhardt Rachael and Robert Wieseman 1917 Margaret and Dudley Bach Wilbur A. Beck Elsie and Samuel E. Fishburn Blanche and Bernard Jacobson Dorothy and Chester Kingsley Dixon H. Kirkpatrick Dorothy and Frank Magee Mr. and Mrs. Raymond L. McCann Hamilton E. McDowell Ray Sands Nostrand Michael J. Repa John B. Schwoyer 1918 Homer A. Bachert Paul G. Breinig Percival L. Hallowell John McC. Latimer Arthur W. Lewis Helen and W. David Maginnes Dorothy and Henry Nils Roest 1919 Johanna and Walter Amick Roy R. Coffin Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert E. Doan Ivan P. Gerber Grace and John Hardy Dorothy and Fred Hesselschwerdt Helen and Thomas C. O’Neill, Jr. Isabelle and William Schaub Lois and Harry “Chalky” Schelden Charles S. Schubert Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Whitney 1920 Henry T. Bowman Howard S. Bunn Hobart A. Farber Sidney and Edward L. Forstall Merritt Judd August M. Kuhlmann Lawrence F. Reed Harry S. Saxman Robert C. Weishaupt 1921 Robert D. Billinger Louis J. Dembo Benjamin Ettelman James Royce Farrington Julia and Samuel Flom James H. Goodwin May and Robert Hicks, Jr. William A. Leech, Jr. Avis and Henry Maddox Monroe J. Rathbone Ralph L. Wilson 1922 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Boltz Paul E. Bowman Sophia and Granville Brumbaugh Edgar B. Cahn Janet and James Carey Godofredo M. De Menezes Jacob A. Gerlach Jeanette and David Green Mary and Rupert Hughes John S. Hull Moncrief O. Jefferson Raymond A. Keenan Mary and John Killmer Janet and Carl McKenzie Robert W. Nichols Henry E. Passmore John Pfeiffer June and Edwin L. Reynolds Leslie C. Ricketts Samuel H. Shipley George F. A. Stutz 1923 Mr. and Mrs. Stanford E. Abel Ruth and Edward Beale Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Bieg Elmer Bloch Margaret and Everett Decker Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fancher Myron I. Garber William F. Hager Shandy Hill Walter M. Kocher Clara and Samuel Lebovitz Marjorie and Robert Major C. Raymond Minnich Marguerite and Francis O’Keefe Mr. and Mrs. Robert Platt Evelyn (Reiter) Price and Irvin Reiter Elijah Richards Amelia and Edwin Rieman Jane and Henry Rohrer Virginia and Edwin Snyder Joseph E. Walton Therese Rectanus and Adolph Wuethrich 1924 Anonymous Sara and Charles E. Alwine Caroline and Abner Baker Erma and Edmund Bennett Alfred G. Blake Jeanne M. (Conley) Rogers and Thomas G. Conley George Hampton, Jr. Bessie and Ray Kravis J. Porter Langfitt Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Luce Sidney T. Mackenzie Charles B. Mitchell Edward H. Richardson Milton S. Roth Eleanor and Edwin Scheetz, Sr. Paul E. Schwartz Camille and John Shigo John C. Swartley, Jr. Jane and Ralph Swartz Mr. and Mrs. Edward K. Thompson Florence and William Wehrenberg William P. Wooldridge Warren W. York 1925 Charles W. Allen James B. Austin Elizabeth and Allison Bayles Harold B. Chambers Mr. and Mrs. Edward Curtis Allen C. Dubois Paul B. Entrekin Jane and Edward Garra Charles H. Geho Kenneth L. Isaacs Spencer C. Kittinger Leo C. Krazinski Fern and James G. Law Margaret and William Leavens, Jr. Bertha and Franklin S. Lerch Oliver P. Nicola, Jr. Harry J. Pittenger E. Halstead Platt Mildred and Jerome J. Polachek Joseph A. Ricapito 1926 Elizabeth P. and Ernest E. Althouse Virginia and Paul Anderson Nelson Leighton Bond Mr. and Mrs. Loris M. Dutt Mary and Donald Hornbaker Joseph E. Hunter Paige D. L’Hommedieu W. Harry Lister Irma and John Maxwell Frederic Mercur Dorothy and Thomas Robinson John H. Schmidt Florence and Kenneth A. Sheppard

19 Margaret and Millard Stofflet Henry T. Williamson 1927 Claire and Charles Bowler Ola and Ford Brandon Henrietta and Frank Carozza Jane and Frank E. Cooper Edith and J. Donald Cottrell John C. Croxton Edwin Ashley DeWolf Herta M. (Fisher) Milliken and Frederick M. Fisher John S. Ford Jerdie and Owen D. Goodfellow Lawrence J. Heine J. Dunlop Johnson Norman L. Krey Robert B. Lewis Barbara L. and George Loomis Elizabeth 1984H and Harry Martindale Robert W. Marvin Herbert Weymouth McCord Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy C. Milliken Robert N. Pursel Frederick C. Seeman, Jr. Ruth and Norm Smeltzer Catherine and Willis Stauffer Nathan I. Tyler Irene and Thomas Wright 1928 Harry S. Alwine Aaron B. Baldree F. Edgar Bossard Rose Laura and Louis Bruning Evelyn and C. Vaughn Converse Grace and John Culbertson Sally Ann and Robert Curran Viola and George Fearnside Alfred V. Harris Regine and Lawrence Hirschbach Gladys and Leonard M. Horton Helen and Robert Jewell Mary and Paul Koch Charles K. Krause Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Miller Mr. and Mrs. James C. Morrison Elizabeth and James Murray Ulla and Arthur F. Searing Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Straub Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Sweitzer Lyman D. Warner Eleanor and Edgar Watkins Francis Willis 1929 Eileen and Arthur Achilles Elizabeth and Charles Alter Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Becker Eloise and Roland G. Benner Elizabeth and Forest Benton Marjorie and Thompson Chandler Betty and Leonard C. Crewe, Jr. Harriet and Robert R. Davis, Sr. Henry K. Erwin John P. Evans Mary Louise and Edwin Gott Laura and Cecil Guyatt Arthur D. Harris Margaret and Joseph Illick, Jr. John I. Kirkpatrick Carl F. Kurtz William P. Linn Elizabeth and Hamilton Maginniss Wight Martindale Eugene A. Pelizzoni Carl S. Pennington Mary and George Prokop Margaret and Herbert A. Riker Betty and Bob Sax Alice and J. Paul Scheetz Eve and Charles Webbe 1930 Genevieve and Reginald C. Barber Rea and Horace Barnes Mr. and Mrs. Milton A. Briggs Jesse B. Bronstein Mr. and Mrs. John K. Conneen Janet and John Deichler Mr. and Mrs. J. Stanley Dey Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M. E. Dunlap Gretchen and Fred Emhardt William R. Foley Virginia and Bernard R. Hale Jacqueline and James Heilman Richard J. Hoffman Edward J. Jones Mary and Robert P. Kline Linda and Robert Lincoln Richard Lyman Donald L. McKinney E. Franklin Robbins Herman A. Schick Harold M. and Yvette Schwartz Dorothy and Donald Stabler Harold P. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Traeger Carolyn and Edwin Werley Violet and Eli Whitney, Jr. Robert L. Wiener Mildred and Walter Wills Lloyd G. Wilson Dorothy and William Wynkoop 1931 Laura and Albert Baur Frances and Elmer Binkley Muriel and James Bisbee Louis M. Bloom Alice and Charles E. Burt Stephen H. Condit Olga and Benjamin M. Davis Philip S. Davis, Esq. Helen and Frank Easton Elmer C. Easton 1933G 1965H Alfred Eisenstaedt Susan and John A. Engel Frances and William Engle Minerva and Richard Jenkinson Essick Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Faust Jeanne and Charles Frederick Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Gadd Pauline and Irving Gennet Jane and Steven Gregg Wilbur P. Harrower James Heller Elizabeth and Russell E. Hoaster John W. MacCartney, Jr. James T. MacDonald John F. McClain Francis Neuwirth Lucien H. Platt George M. Rust Geraldine and Irving Schaffer Grace and James H. Schnabel Bernice and Francis Shannon Eleanor and Felix Shay Virginia Allen and Francis Shoemaker Sarah and Edward V. Twiggar Pauline and Emery L. VanHorn Cecilia and Joseph Walsh Olive and Lou Wanner Miriam and John Weysser Celia and Donald Wilkinson 1932 Mr. and Mrs. George N. Beckwith Robert C. Clark Frank L. Fisher J. Horl Freiday Herbert A. Gaetjens Marian and Merle Graham Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Heether William S. James Mr. and Mrs. Lawson H. Miller Franklin C. Murphey Mary and Philip Myers Helen B. and John W. Scheider Jean and Carl Schier Mr. and Mrs. John F. Schwartz C. Courtney Seabrook Ray G. Shankweiler Franklin B. Shaw Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Solomon Alfred T. Stanley 1933 John A. Aufhammer Natalie and Jerome Barney Ted Clauss Mary and Lowry S. Danser Lemoyne E. Decker Mary and Robert Dengler John W. Eagan, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph N. Fitzpatrick James H. Fountain Janice and Elmer W. Glick Herbert S. Grafton Rudolf H. Hertzog Elizabeth and Warren Johnson Robert K. Knipe Robert P. Landis Carol and Gene LaSchober Robert Peary Lee John A. Lloyd Jeannette and Gerald E. Mintz Ruth and Robert Myers Kathryn and Robert Lee O’Brien, Jr. Philip Rauch Edward H. Robb James J. Roessle Harry H. Ruffer Mabel and Earl J. Serfass Christine and Ivor Sims 1970H Felix M. Sommer Wanda and John D. Strachan Margaret and Robert S. Taylor Wilma and Morris Uhrich Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Wall Celeste and Harry Warendorf, Jr. June and Alex Weiner 1934 Mr. and Mrs. William B. Agocs Isadore R. Aroniss Yvonne and George Barrow Dorothy and John K. Beidler Wilma and Ben Bishop Verna and Remo Canova Eileen and Harold Demarest Jack J. Dreyfus, Jr. Margaret and Bernhard G. Fortmann

20 J. Osborn Fuller Morris Goldstein Vincenzia and William T. Harris, Jr. Elizabeth and Charles Hertel, Jr. Catheryn and Milton H. Hutt, Sr. Margaret and W. Ernest Issel Paul L. Kazunas Dorothy and W. Kinsinger George C. Konolige Elinor and Willard Korn Orin T. Leach Thomas Liggett Marie and Richard Lindabury Helen and Patrick H. Loughran Mr. and Mrs. Adolph W. Lubbers Richard E. McLeod Mr. and Mrs. William R. Merriam Mr. and Mrs. Stanley D. Michaelson John A. Morse John D. Neely Mary Ellen and Gordon Paterson Walter T. Plumb Cornelia and Linus M. Raring Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Riley John N. Roper, Jr. Elinor and S. Murray Rust, Jr. Julia and J. Edward Tyler III William C. Winblad 1935 Leonor and Cornelius Ackerson Rachel and Curtis Bayer Mr. and Mrs. Francis W. Blanchard Richard A. Borton James A. Branegan James E. Braunberns Ralph W. Brown Lee and Thomas E. Butterfield Geraldine and Roy Case Edwin S. Chickering Elizabeth and Blair Deale Hope and Samuel Efron Myra and Henry George Jane and Glenn J. Gibson Martha and Stanley R. Goodrich Harriet and Eugene H. Henry Mary and Daniel F. Ivins, Jr. Marjorie and William A. Johnson Gertrude and Robert H. Kampschulte Grace V. and Arthur H. Loux Florence and Harold E. Meiselman Ruby and Shelton Musser Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Pfaff, Jr. Kathryn and Thomas Pratt 1965P Benjamin M. Root Dr. Edwin A. Sawyer Nathan Silverberg Ruth and Clayton Squier Sonia and Alfred D. Tiefenthal Edward S. Tinley Mr. and Mrs. Sumner B. Whitney, Jr. 1936 Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Bailey Harold C. Bickel Mr. and Mrs. Bernard L. Cohen Virginia and Edmund Collins III Vail W. Cummings L. Mason DeLand Mr. and Mrs. Emil Dieter John W. Dietz Mr. and Mrs. Neville H. Ehmann Dr. Walter L. Finlay Charles E. Gallagher Tom Grainger, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Walter Guyer Carl R. Hartman Dudley L. Healy Virginia and Sidney Herbert Cora and Dave Hoppock Robert A. Kemmer Mr. and Mrs. Reginald A. Lenna Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Minskoff Lillian and Walter Nutt Herman L. Paul, Jr. Dorothy and Roy W. Prowell Cornelius B. Quackenbush Regina S. Raring Molly and Jack Rosebery Louise and Robert J. Schatz Barbara and Gates Stern Joseph K. Stone Toni and John Swalm Florence and Donald Waidelich Mary and Frederick Walker Jane and Louis Weinstock Jean and Bernard S. Weiss Pat and Les Wesley William B. Woodring Onetta and Albert C. Zettlemoyer 1937 Mr. and Mrs. William J. Ash Beverly S. and George A. Barker, Jr. Frances and Henry Battin Virginia and Mort Berman Jean A. Cramer, M.D. and William McCollum Claire and Theodore L. Diamond Mr. and Mrs. Frederick S. Dornblatt Alta and Kermit S. Dunlap Mabel and Carl Huber Herman R. Hutchinson Clay E. Lewis Harry J. McNally Margaret and Vincent J. Pazzetti III Grace and Lloyd Ramsey Madge and James Redcay Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Rice Jane and Joseph A. Rossetti Henry W. Schlenker Ruth and Bill Schnabel Luther S. Sprague Doris and Dean T. Stevenson Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Tillson, Jr. Virginia and Herbert Warren Geraldine and Robert N. Weller Margaret and Robert Werden Edmund N. Woodsum 1938 Helen and Edward F. Aicher Walter C. Allen, Jr. Mary and Rudolph Baizley Ann and James Bergen Marjorie and Lawrence Buckles Nancy and Charles Couch Louise and George B. Cushing Ivah and Wayne Duncan Mr. and Mrs. Vance P. Edwardes J. Curtis Ford Robert Forrest Mr. and Mrs. Carstens Y. Haas Pauline and Harry K. Hammond III Eleanor and Robert Henning George T. Hewlett Louise and Charles Hoffman Franklin J. Howes, Jr. H. Jack Hunkele Catharine and Herbert Imbt Florence and Francis Krupinski Mary and Elbert Mahla Ellen and Norman C. Odell Virginia and Nunzio Palladino Joseph Parmet Joseph H. Pittenger Dr. and Mrs. Charles C. Price III Barbara and Joseph H. Roberts Jane and George Schiel Jeanne and George Sheppard Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm M. Simons, Jr. Edward G. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Evans H. Stone Barbara and Alexander Brast Thomas Terry and Don Walp Mr. and Mrs. H. Robert Weaver Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Zell 1939 Rev. Herbert P. Aldrich Imre J. Barsy Frances and Michael Bock Marjorie and Thomas Bogert Mary Elizabeth and James Bright Mr. and Mrs. Henry John Brucker 1993GP Jane and Courtland Carrier Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cunliffe Mr. and Mrs. Harold L. Dietrichson Jeanne and John Evans Jean and Robert Evans Nancy and Brian Evans Katherine and Richard D. Faber Robert T. Feld Mr. and Mrs. Milton H. Grannatt, Jr. John G. Greenwood Margaret and John Hankins Mr. and Mrs. H. T. S. Heckman Joanne and Frank Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Frank N. Kemmer Doris and Edward Lukens Donald H. McKenzie Col. Thomas V. Murto, Jr. Donald C. Oskin Jean and Dick Perdunn Robert H. Popper Emma and Harry Rath Jane and John M. Reed George B. Rheinfrank, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. D’Arcy W. Roper II Mr. and Mrs. John D. Saussaman Margaret W. and Erich S. Schifter William H. Schnabel Mr. and Mrs. C. William Sheldrake Micki and Dan Smith Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Thierry

21 Mr. and Mrs. John U. Truslow Alice and Joseph Waldschmitt 1973P F. Gretchen 1939W 1972P 1995GP and John C.W. Worsley, Sr. 1972P 1995GP 1940 Charles B. Bayles Muriel and Lester Bittel Louis G. H. Buehler Zora and Charles Eaton Louis H. A. Feher William I. Freeman Dottie and Sam Grafton Mimi and Joe Hammond Mary Elizabeth and C. Budd Heisler Mr. and Mrs. William C. Hookway, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Ernest F. Johnson Robert F. Koenig Russell Kowalyshyn Donald W. MacFeeters Elizabeth and George Maginness Joan and James McGinnis John V. McGuire Gladys and Robert R. Merwin Mr. and Mrs. George B. Motheral II Marjorie and Bob Muir, Jr. Dessie and Charles G. Myers, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James Oberg Mr. and Mrs. Maynard H. Patterson William O. Seltzer Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Sharp Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Steinbrucker Mary Stuart and Edward Uhl Philip R. Van Duyne, Jr. Mrs. Robert F. Wolfe Dr. and Mrs. J. Lamar Worzel Suzanne and Robert Wright 1941 John P. Beal, Jr. Dorothy and Fred Butler Alois and Charles Carter, Jr. William C. Christine Mr. and Mrs. James Duane Frank R. Dunn Mr. Herbert P. Elliott, Jr. Phyllis and William Fredrick Lois and Frederick Gilmore, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Stan Grossman June and John Hechinger Col. George E. Hesselbacher, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. Holmes, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Huntoon Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Kalmbach Dr. and Mrs. Morton F. Kaplon William E. Keiser Susan and Wallace Kendall Renee and Marvin D. Kent Richard L. Kirk Martha and Stephen Kowalyshyn Helen and Albert Lee Dr. and Mrs. Willard A. Litzenberger John F. Loose Mary and Dick MacSherry Richard O. Marsten J. Arthur Marvin William S. McConnor Warren H. Miller Mr. and Mrs. James Mitchell Margaret and Arthur Moog Hilma and Raymond Myers Alexander B. Neill Dorothy and Maxwell Paget Beverly and William E. Scott Claire and Bill Siegele Hamilton W. Strayer Mr. and Mrs. Graham F. Thompson, Jr. Doris and Bill Toohey Mr. and Mrs. William A. Vander Clock Dr. Richard A. and Dr. Beverly G. Ware Frederick Wilson, Jr. M. Gretchen and Frank Zimmermann 1942 Anonymous Jean and John Adams Marilyn and Ray Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Arnold Sandra L. and Bob Beering Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Bodine Harriet and Richard Bright Dorothy and Robert Brune Betsy and Jim Davis Barbara and Vernon Evans, Jr. Jeanette and Musa Eways Harry W. Flueso Lucy and Richard M. Foster Doris and James Galli Dr. Elinor Georgopulo 1987P and Mr. Panos B. Georgopulo 1987P William E. Gheen George Z. Goetz Mr. and Mrs. Kilbourn Gordon, Jr. Marie and Richard Gordon James Gore III Betty and Leighton Haney Mr. and Mrs. George W. Hanson Chester A. Hoffman Jane and Caleb Holyoke Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Horka Jean and Harry W. Jones Mr. and Mrs. John Kellett Carolyn and Don Layton Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Loveless Camille and William Mainwaring Mr. and Mrs. P. William Marshall Doris and Robert Newcomb Dorianne and John O’Hara Yone and Allen Okamoto Betty and Lowell Oliphant Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Palmer, Sr. 1968P Mr. and Mrs. George E. Parsons, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Patten Mary and Sandy Sanderson 1967P John S. Saylor, Jr. Theodore G. Scott, Jr. Beverly and Grendon Sebold Gladys and Henry Seebald 1949G Eugene R. Springer Gordon E. Tait Earl L. Weaver Emmet T. White Mr. and Mrs. George G. Zipf 1978H 1943 Elwood B. Backensto Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Berg Edward L. Blossom Mary Louise and S. Pusey Caldwell Mr. and Mrs. John H. Corson Mary and Charles Curtiss Mr. and Mrs. Edwin H. Dafter, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Davies Winnie and Ed Davis Janet and Jack deGrouchy Mr. and Mrs. William T. De Long Mr. and Mrs. Badgley A. Elmes Edward A. Fehnel Jeanne and Robert Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Gabuzda Ann and Jules Gottlieb Doris and John Gressitt Mr. and Mrs. Barton R. Heinz Warren E. Hoffman Rev. William B. Holberton Dr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Mann Roy and Penny Margolies Sally and Quentin Mehrkam Jean and H. Donald Moll Phyllis and Monty Mortimer Virginia and James Niemeyer 1968P 1980P Kenneth H. Norris Ruth and Richard Palmer Mason P. Pearsall Alfred W. Pedrick Eileen and Jim Price Lillian and William Remsen Dorothy and Robert Rouse Dr. J. Donald Ryan and Mrs. Marjorie B. Ryan Harriet and Dave Schaper Richard G. Schenck Blanche and Robert Siegfried Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Swartz, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William R. Taylor Mollie and John Thurn Doris and Arthur White Madeline and Ralph Wittman G. William Wolfston 1944 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Bannan Joan and William Belser Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Berg Marjorie and George J. Bleul Eleanor and Bill Bloecher Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Bosserman A. Newton Bugbee James H. Callahan Robert W. Cawley Mr. and Mrs. C. Norman Charest Mary and Dudley Coles C. Russell and Janet C. Conklin Mr. and Mrs. David F. Cox Warren R. Dix Jack Doxsey Danal P. Epstein

22 Ralph A. Evans Virginia and Albert Ferdinand Nancy and Oscar Fox Jean and Paul Franz, Jr. Robert J. Gill Dr. and Mrs. John H. Gross 1948G 1955G Mr. and Mrs. Stuart L. Hammond Douglas Hird Betty 1971P 1975P 1978P 1997GP 2002GP and William Hittinger 1971P 1975P 1978P 1997GP 2002GP Harriet and William Hursh Joan and Russell Jordan Mr. and Mrs. George F. Keller Dorothy and Paul Kervick Richard H. Leeds Charles E. Lehr Ruth 1985P and Roderick Link 1985P Stephen McElroy George T. McKinley Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Megas Herbert M. Muller Robert M. Paddock Nan and George Ramsden Sara and Frank Rhodes Louis M. Richards John A. Ross Jane and Leonard Schwab Jean and Mark Schwarz Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Seigle Norine and Richard Shafer Mr. and Mrs. G. Whitney Snyder Jeanne and William St. Clair Eugene S. Stowers, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Merlin Walters Thelma and Harry Walton Ruth and Stephen Woodruff 1945 William Breidinger Mr. and Mrs. John A. Cable Ann and Bill Clark Mr. and Mrs. Samuel W. Croll, Jr. Donald R. Diggs Dolores and Peter Facchiano Mr. and Mrs. Herbert E. Fletcher Carl F. Henzelman, Jr. Lee Iacocca Dorothy and Howard Jansen Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Lasser Robert F. Linker Evelyn and John J. Lotz Marjorie and Phillips Marsden Rowland B. Miles Mimi and W. Robert Moore William D. Pettit Richard M. Ruthhart Mary Ellen and Edward W. Shipley Barbara Shuttleworth Hungerford and Harry B. Shuttleworth George W. Smith, Jr. 1946 Regina and Bob Baumgarten Ralph S. Graber Henry Harman Douglas H. Humm Gerry and Dick MacAdams Anne and Edward Manning Helen and Paul Nicholasen Mr. and Mrs. Lunsford Richardson, Jr. Joyce and Jack Shipherd Kathleen and John Turner 1947 Anonymous Francine and Irwin Alperin Keith W. Amish 1974P Thomas W. Bachmann Hans J. Baer John and Catherine Barrett 1970G John S. Baum Dr. and Mrs. George J. D’Angelo Pauline and John R. Dove Jon Epstein Mr. and Mrs. Donald R.L. Franklin Anne and Wilbur Henry Orrin C. Holbrook Robert S. Honeyman Phyllis and Ward Langstroth Harvey C. Lucks Mary and John Marini Samuel J. Mayo Ruth and Myron Pomerantz Ann and Robert Pope Helen and James A. Shafer Jill and Roy Snyder Carolyn and Vito J. Vitelli Audrey and George Wagner Stewart E. Wenzel Lewis D. Wetzel 1948 Mr. and Mrs. Myer M. Alperin Lloyd E. Antonides Eugene W. and Catherine Casey Baer Richard P. Bodine, Sr. Richard W. Bradshaw Tedi and Robert Cockley Jean and Walter Creitz Jim Duff Mr. and Mrs. Martin D. Fife Mr. and Mrs. Murray H. Goodman Charles F.S. Grubmeyer June and Leon Holt Betty and Richard Jones Delma and Laurie S. Kelechava Hugo O. “Bud” Kladivko Dave and Suzanne Larky George L. Martin Mr. and Mrs. Lewis I. Mengle Marjorie and Morgan Miller Mr. and Mrs. Harold S. Mohler Raymond T. Mohrey Jean and Leon Nonemaker Nanci and Bill Packard Daphne and David Parke Helen and Kenneth Pike Robert C. Renick Barbara and Thomas E. Rivers, Jr. Connie and Joe Ross Ada and Peter Rossin Ernest C. Rumbaugh Mr. and Mrs. Daniel T. Sachse Isabel and Robert Saydah Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Shurts David D. Smith 1973P Ethan A. Smith, Jr. Shirley and Richard Smith Mary Beth and H. Gordon Smyth Joseph Sterne Robert J. Stevens Joan and Cole Stratton Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Strayer Margaret and H. Sheldon Strong Jeanne and Donald Swift John A. Tallmadge, Jr. Charles H. Tavener Rodman B. Teeple, Jr. Harry Topliss, Jr. Anthony V. Ursic Don van Roden Richard B. Walters Peggy and George Weigle Barton D. Weisman Walter and Ruth West Mr. and Mrs. Biddle A. Whigham 1949 Anonymous Lionel P. Adda Janet and William Arner Joanne S. and DeForrest S. Bast 1979P Joan and John Berdan A. Bruce Borgeson Tish and David O. Brown Henrietta and Robert Byrne, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John C. Clark Patricia and William G. Clinkunbroomer Webster Dawley Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. DeHoff Mr. and Mrs. Frederick V. Dexter, Jr. Donald N. Diehl Mr. and Mrs. Leonard R. Dimmick Catherine and William Eagleson Teresa B. and David F. Eliezer Patricia and William Elliott Ed and Mary Erikson George F. Fischer, Jr. Jeanne and Bill Fleckenstein Franklin B. Flower Frank J. Frischkorn Judy and Don Gruhn William F. Hahn William F. Hamilton Betty and Philip C. Hanford, Jr. Charles H. and Mary Ellen Hardy Robert R. Hendrick John R. Hershey, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Hicks Eugene W. Hubler Rita and Irving Jelly Mary and Eugene Kunsman Mr. and Mrs. Edward K. Leaton Ronald J. Lenney Jeanne and Raymond Mellen Mr. and Mrs. W. Richard Mertz Warren V. Musser Eleanor and Bill Nichols Bruce N. Ogilvie Donald C. O’Keefe Katherine and Philip Paulus Frederic K. Raiff J. Harvey Roberson J. William Royer John A. Russell, Jr. Greta and Melvin Schissler Walter C. A. Schrader Paul E. Schwab John W. Segraves Hugh G. Spilsbury, Jr. Richard S. Stemler

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