32 LEHIGH UNIVERSITY more information about background checks and the protection of minors at Lehigh, see: protection-minors-policy-compliance. Lehigh University works with CBY, Inc., a vendor providing criminal background check services, to enable all staff and faculty to complete this required action as conveniently and efficiently as possible. Housing Information Lehigh offers student housing in traditional residence halls, suites, apartments, fraternities and sororities. Housing at Lehigh is required through the second year. All residence halls are coeducational, with men and women living in the same building, on alternate floors or wings or in designated co-ed floors. All fraternity and sorority houses are single sex. There is also a gender-inclusive housing option. Each residence hall, fraternity house, and sorority house is equipped with a state-of-the-art security access system. Exterior doors are locked 24 hours a day, with resident card access. Off-Campus Living Juniors and seniors who desire to live off campus must secure their own accommodations. A searchable list of available off-campus housing is available through the app, Places4Students ( Places/School?SchoolID=eyio77NsUu4%3D), which is available through the Housing Services website, https:// Housing Assignments and Policies Occupancy In a typical year, Lehigh University has more than 3,400 undergraduate students, and approximately 250 graduate students, living on campus. All University residence halls will be open and available for student occupancy from August through May. During semester breaks, when classes are not in session, all residence halls will close for residents, except for in-season NCAA athletes, international students, and those with extenuating circumstances. Fraternity and sorority houses close during semester and spring breaks. Housing will be limited to the above-mentioned residents. Initial Assignments First-year and transfer students are provided with initial residence hall assignments that take into consideration their social interests and needs as provided through a survey. Room Change Procedures Room changes will generally not be authorized until after the first two weeks of classes each semester. Prior to any change, a student is required to discuss the reasons for such a request with the Residence Life staff. Room changes in Greek organizations must be authorized through house leadership. Residence Hall Housing After First Year In a typical year, second-year students go through a housing selection process, while juniors and seniors who wish to live on campus participate in a housing lottery process. Both processes occur in the spring semester. Students may choose their rooms and roommates. Students living off campus are also eligible to participate in the housing lottery to secure on-campus housing for the following year. Visitors Any student who brings guests to campus is responsible for making University regulations known to them, and must accept responsibility for their guests’ conduct during the visit. In a typical year, guests may not be housed for extended periods of time without written permission of the Office of Residence Life. The housing of a guest must not infringe upon the rights of the roommate(s) and other residents of the living unit.