ACUMEN Spring 2022

COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES 1 Robert A Flowers II ’91G Herbert J. and Ann L. Siegel Dean SPRING 2022 MESSAGE FROM THE DEAN A COMMITMENT TO TEACHING AND RESEARCH It is a pleasure to share with you the 2022 issue of Acumen. Students returned to campus in the fall eager and ready to return to the classroom, and even though we faced changes to our methods of teaching, our faculty met that energy with a sustained commitment to providing the deep intellectual engagement and hands-on instruction for which we take great pride. This issue comes at an important time. The return to in-person learning, research, and creative work has reaffirmed the value of faculty scholarship and its impact on students as they build the skills needed to find both professional and personal success long after leaving South Mountain. I am truly inspired by my colleagues. I see the impact that their scholarship and creative activity brings to the classroom, studio, and stage, and there is daily evidence of the impact that research and creative work has on student learning. I frequently hear of student accomplishments, and the inf luence of faculty scholarship and mentoring is a critical component of student success. The stories in this issue are a small sample of the impact of faculty research on student learning, regardless of the setting. PhD student Nicole Pittoors works in the lab of biologist Santiago Herrera studying the health of the ocean. Master’s student Christina Thomas was guided by two CAS faculty as she assessed the ecological possibility of taking a vacant Lehigh wetland and using it for educational purposes. At the undergraduate level, creation of new knowledge and ideas in concert with faculty mentors is a central component of our educational mission. A collective of students is creating a new space and logo for Lehigh Pizza, while another group is addressing air pollution in Kazakhstan. English and political science major Natalie Mojica’s research into chimney swifts led to a Bethlehem ordinance encouraging bird habitat. Student research and creative work is made possible because of the unwavering commitment to teaching and research by faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences. Whether it’s a chemist inventing new analytical techniques or a historian examining the development of majority voting in England’s 17th-century Parliament, cutting-edge faculty scholarship is a key component of the classroom experience and shapes our curricula. As an alumnus, I can attest to the important role faculty scholarship plays in shaping graduate and undergraduate education. I hope you enjoy reading about our students and faculty as much as I have. It is reaffirmation of the central role the College plays within the university. Additionally, I encourage you to remain connected to the College. Since a critical part of our student placement success is due to our strong alumni network, I would love to hear about your achievements, and the role that faculty played in your success. As Lehigh alumni, you can help shape the future of our students. Your relationship with the College of Arts and Sciences can have an impact on our students through internships, mentoring, or gifts to support scholarships and I invite you to learn more about how alumni can play a role in the College’s departments and programs. ACUMEN MAGAZINE EDITOR Robert Nichols ’17G | CAS ADVISORY BOARD Robert A. Flowers II, dean; Kelly Austin-Noble, R. Michael Burger, Dawn Keetley, Susan Szczepanski, associate deans | GRAPHIC DESIGNER Kayley LeFaiver | CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Leslie Feldman, Wendy Greenberg, Steve Neumann, Robert Nichols ’17G, Chris Quirk, Bernadette Sukley, Dawn Thren ’21P, Amy White | PHOTOGRAPHERS Douglas Benedict, Christine Kreschollek, Christa Neu | ACUMEN is published annually by the College of Arts and Sciences at Lehigh University. Acumen can also be found online at | COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Lehigh University, 9 West Packer Avenue Bethlehem, PA 18015 | ©2022 Lehigh University Cover illustration by John S. Dykes DOUGLAS BENEDICT READER FEEDBACK: Please send comments to: LIKE US: TWEET US: @Lehigh_CAS