ACUMEN Spring 2022

COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES 25 PHOTOS BY CHRISTINE KRESCHOLLEK of (the first) semester was brainstorming and looking at the big picture,” she says. She likens the project to an internship. “There is a client, and we meet their needs,” she says. It’s the kind of collaborative work experiences she would like to find. Two new students joined the team this past fall, each of whom brought different skills. Alex Torres ’21, of Wayland, Mass., an Integrated Business and Engineering finance and civil engineering major, is making sure Lehigh Pizza owner George Lioudis can implement the changes. Torres consulted with a professional engineer about the load-bearing product that has engaged students, clients and the community, one of the most rewarding experiences for me has been watching my team grow through their work together and mature in their understanding of themselves as designers and citizens. What we do is largely about the production of knowledge but also, in no small part, about personal growth.” Laros, from the Hawaiian town of Kona, began in Lehigh’s Mechanical Engineering program and switched her major to the Integrated Degree in Engineering, Arts and Sciences (IDEAS) before finding architecture. She worked part time at the pizza shop last fall, and the extra semester provided a fresh perspective, she says, allowing more thought on “how people feel supported in their space.” Lehigh Pizza will soon have fresh paint, new seating, a new awning and a new logo designed by Fusion, Lehigh’s student design agency. The interior space will be opened up from its current crowded configuration, which means removing a wall and moving the counter back. The team made sure it will retain its classic pizza shop atmosphere. The eatery, first located at the corner of Fourth Street and Broadway, has been a reliable favorite of the southside and college community since 1976. It has been in the same family at its current location, the corner of Third and New streets, since October 1996, surviving the closure of Bethlehem Steel and the recent pandemic. The two-story building, decked in ornamentation on its facade, was last expanded in 2003. Fabozzi, who is from Concord, N.H., and who also started in engineering, appreciates that as the project continued, the team was “making more decisions, meeting with managers more and being more decisive about what we are implementing. A lot Lehigh Pizza will get a new look and new logo. Below, Ella Fabozzi (left) and Janelle Laros listen to George Lioudis. “W hat we do is largely about the production of knowledge but also, in no small part, about personal growth.”